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There are two panels in the trunk that must be removed to gain access to the power antenna. The first is on the driver's side. It covers the rear taillight electrical plugs. After this one is removed, the large panel on the driver's side of the trunk needs to be removed. This is a bit of a Wrestling match, and you will have to bend/manipulate the shape of this panel a bit when removing it, but it does come out. With these removed, you can see where the antenna and motor is mounted to a small bracket, including the two connections to it- 1) Antenna cable, 2) Power lead for antenna motor. Once this bracket is removed, there is an additional nut which secures the antenna to the actual body of the car. Remove this nut, and you should now be able to slide the antenna out. When I replace them, I generally push the antenna assembly up, and lift it out of the rear fender while standing outside, instead of trying to remove it from within the trunk. You can save a considerable amount of money by replacing this antenna with a manually adjustable antenna from a place like NAPA, PEP Boys, etc. The motorized antennas on these Accords were notorious for giving trouble. If you decide to go with a manual antenna, remember to put it down when you go through an automatic car wash!!

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Q: How do you replace the power antenna on a 1993 Honda Accord?
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How does the power antenna on a 1990 Honda Accord determine up and down?

The up and down is controlled by the radio itself.

Where is the antenna on a 1995 Honda Accord EX?

One version of the 1995 Honda accord ex has a power antenna which is on the left side of the trunk. other versions it is coming off the hood of the drivers side above the window. its hard to explain. i would suggest looking up 1995 Honda Accord EX on Google images. hope i helped! :)

How do you replace 1986 Honda Accord power steering pressure hose?

streering is hard

How much does it cost to replace power steering pressure hose 2004 Honda Accord?

It cost me $170 for parts (2004 Honda Accord EX) + $110 labor.

Where is the antenna located on a 1991 Honda accord lx?

The Antenna is located on the driver's side rear in the trunk area behind a wall panel in the trunk also located on the drivers side as well. you will either have a power antenna or a manual antenna

How do you replace a 1998 Cadillac deville power antenna?

how do you replace power antenna on 1988 deville

How do you replace a broken automatic antenna on a 94 Honda Accord with a fixed antenna?

That's easy, I did the same job to my 90 accord. First buy a fixed antenna, I went to radio shack, something like $12, instead of $200+ for the power antenna from Honda.. In the trunk, on the side of the antenna, pull back the trunk liner but be careful not to break an clips. once the trunk liner is out of the way, you'll see what tools you'll need, and what nuts to turn. The new antenna will have all of the parts you need, find one that fits the fender the best. It is a relatively easy job, self explanitory once you expose the antenna from under the trunk. I completely took the old power antenna assembly out of mine. It's pretty self explanatory. Remove old antenna assembly, install new fixed antenna to quarter panel, plug in your antenna cable, replace trunk liner (carpet).

Does the 1998 Honda Accord have power bands in the automatic transmission?

Does the 1996 Honda Accord have power bands in the automatic transmission?

I have a 92 Honda accord ex and there is no power to the power windows?

How do you fix a power antenna that only makes a clicking sound on a 1989 Honda Accord EX?

the drive cord could also be broken inside the drum that holds the drive cord when the antenna is down. If that is the case, you will have to remove the cover next to the motor and remove the broken piece. I believe you can simply replace the antenna mast; eBay has one but it is for a power antenna that mounts on the passenger side. that means that the drive cord is stripped, on some cars, the mast with the drive strip alone can be replaced, on others, you have to replace the entire mast / motor assembly.

1997 Honda accord power windows?

Most of them.

Does a Honda Accord have a filter on the power steering pump?


2007 honda accord how much horsepower?

The 2007 Honda Accord has 166 horse power. More or less horse power can be found in special edition Accords.

How do you replace the antenna on a 1999 Honda Civic EX?

need to know is it power and is just the mas broken if it is just the mas and its power it not a big deal it takes about 5 min.

How can you make your antenna stop going up and down in your 1993 accord?

Try finding the power cord that goes into the antenna and disconnect it

How do you repair replace a 1987 Corvette power antenna?

Remove the wiring harness from the bottom of your 1987 Chevy Corvette power antenna. Remove the power antenna retaining nuts. Reverse the process to install your new power antenna.

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How do you replace the old antenna mast on a power antenna for a 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Go to They have a replacement mast for the power antenna for $14.95 + shipping.

Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the Honda Accord 1600 1978?

The power of the engine and the maximum speed of the 1978 Honda Accord 1600 are 84 bhp and 60 mph respectively.

How do you replace the power steering pressure hose in 89 Honda accord?

In order to fix a power steering hose in an 1989 Honda Accord you'll need to locate the hose, drain a pan under the pressure, unbolt the broken hose using a flare nut wrench and install new hose.

How do you replace a 1994 Honda Prelude antenna?

You would need to get a tool to remove the notched chrome piece that holds the antenna mast, or carefully use pliers to unscrew it out. After you remove that, the antenna itself is held by a 10mm bolt. to get to it you'll need to open up the trunk lining near the antenna location and remove that bolt. Then, pull the antenna far enough to disconnect the antenna wire and power. Assuming the antenna motor is still functional, you can then replace the antenna mast with a new one. Or, you can install an aftermarket rubber antenna.

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The 2005 Honda Accord is 5 ft. 11.5 in. (71.5 in.)1 one-touch power windows wide.

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