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Those are a bugger to get at for sure. I personally use what is referred to as a "crows foot" line wrench. Which basically looks like the very end of a line wrench, without the handle, and a square slot in it where a 3/8 ratchet can be attached. This will allow you to place the tool on the line and then using a ratchet and extension (3") you can effectively put the ratchet farther away from the unit which gives you room to work. These tools can be purchased relatively inexpensively at most auto parts stores. I do know for a fact that NAPA stores sets of these for under $30. Once you have the tool, the process is pretty straight forward. Begin by putting a drain pan of some sort underneath the vehicle so that the fluid doesn't spill all over the ground and then, using the tool, remove the line from the sector and then the pump. Installation is the reverse. I know I make this sound like it is a piece of cake, but please know that I am aware of the difficulty involved in getting your hands and tools in place. It might also possible to access from underneath by removing the skidplate and reaching up... Good luck, and try to be patient even though it may seem impossible. Nobody has any secret tricks to my knowledge other that tiny hands... Let me know how it goes. And if you need any further assistance, please feel free to let me know... Thank you

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โˆ™ 2008-02-14 03:09:07
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Q: How do you replace the power steering pressure hose on a 95 Chevy lumina?
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