How do you replace the power steering pump on a 1992 Ford Falcon EB Series II?

To change pump: First remove belt. To remove belt, back off adjuster nut and turn double hex adjuster with a ring spanner to slacken off belt. Next, remove low pressure hose and drain pump of oil. Next, remove high pressure hose with a flare nut spare. remove bolts from front of pump. There may be an o-ring on the high pressure hose. can't remember off top of head. I think there is two or three bolts on the front of the pump. Then remove nut off back of pump which has the bracket to the exhaust manifold attached. Remove pump. To install pump reverse order of removal. before putting belt on, put oil in and turn the pump around to cycle oil through. once oil level is right put belt on. To adjust belt turn the double hex adjuster to tighten the belt. and lock the outer nut to lock the adjuster in. Start engine with front wheels off ground preferably. and turn wheels lock to lock afew times to bleed the system until oil level is right. Done. Should take 40 minutes to hour to do job properly.