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This is right from the Chiltons repair manual.


  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Disconnect the fluid return hose at the pump and drain the fluid into a container.
  3. Remove the pressure hose from the pump and, if necessary, drain the fluid into a container. Do not remove the fitting from the pump.
  4. Disconnect the belt from the pulley. On 5.0L engines, use pulley removal tool T69L-10300-B or equivalent, to remove the pulley.
  5. Remove the mounting bolts and remobve the pump.


  1. On 5.0L engines, place the pump on the mounting bracket and install the bolts at the front of the pump. Tighten to 30-45 ft. lbs. (40-62Nm)
  2. On 4.6L engines, place the pump on the mounting bosses of the engine block and install the bolts at the side of the pump. Tighten to 15-22 ft lbs. (20-30 Nm)
  3. On 5.0L engines, install the pump pulley using pulley replacer tool T65P-3A733-C or equivalent.
  4. Place the belt on the pump pulley and adjust the tension, if necessary.Install the pressure hose to the pump fitting. Tighten the tube nut with a tube nut wrench rather than with an open-end wrench. Tighten to 20-25 ft. lbs. (27-34 Nm) on 1989-91 vehicles or 35-45 ft. lbs. (47-60 Nm) on 1992-98 vehicles.

Do not overtighten this fitting. Swivel and/or end play of this fitting is normal and does not indicate a loose fitting. Over-tightening the tube nut can collapse the tube nut wall, resulting in a leak and requiring replacement of the entire pressure hose assembly. Use of an open-end wrench to tighten the nut can deform the tube nut hex, which may result in improper torque and may make further servicing of the system difficult.

5. Connect the return hose to the pump and tighten the clamp.

6. Fill the reservor with the proper type and quantity of fluid.

7. Bleed the air from the system.

Bleeding the Power Steering system

This can be done one of two ways. You can lift the front of the vehicle off the ground and cycle the wheel full left to full right and back several times. Which is how I do it and every other DIY mechanic that I know. Or you can follow this procedure that the Chiltons manual gives you.

  1. Disconnect the ignition coil.
  2. Raise and safely support the cehicle so the front wheels are off the floor.
  3. Fill the power steering fluid reservoir.
  4. crank the engine with the starter and add fluid until the level remains constant.
  5. While cranking the engine, rotate the steering wheel from lock-to-lock. The front wheels must be off the floor during lock-to-lock rotation of the steering wheel.
  6. Check the fluid level and add fluid, if necessary.
  7. Connect the ignition coil wire. Start the engine and allow ir to run for several minutes.
  8. Rotate the steering wheel from lock-to-lock.
  9. Shut off the engine and check the fluid level. Add fluid, if necessary.
  10. If air is still present in the system, purge the system of air using power steering pump air evacuator tool 021-00014 pr equivalent, as follows:
  • Make sure the power steering pump reservoir is full to the COLD FULL mark on the dipstick or to just above the minimum indication on the reservoir.
  • Tightly insert the rubber stopper of the air evacuator assembly into the pump reservoir fill neck
  • Apply 15 in. Hg maximum vacuum on the pump reservoir for a minimum of 3 minutes with the engine idling. As air purges from the system, vacuum will fall off. Maintain adequate vacuum with the vacuum source.
  • Release the vacuum and remove the vaccum source. Fill the reservoir to the COLD FILL mark or just abouve the minimum indication on the reservoir.
  • With the engine idling, apply 15 in. Hg vacuum to the pump reservoir. Slowly cyucle the steering wheel from lock-to-lock every 30 seconds for approximately 5 minutes. Do not hold the steering wheel on the stops while cycling. Maintain adequate vacuum and remove the vacuum source. Add fluid, if necessary.
  • Start the engine and cycle the steering wheel.
  • Check for oil leaks at all connections.

In severe cases of aeration, it may be necessary to repeat the purging procedure.

I know that is long but, I hope it helps you.

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Q: How do you replace the power steering pump on a 1995 Lincoln Continental?
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