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AnswerI just finished replacing mine. There are 5 screws to get the door panel off. Two plastic screws are easily visible at the back edge of the door (screw out, but just push them back in like thumb tacks). The inside door lever has a small circular cover in the cup, the leading edge of which has a gap to insert a thin screwdriver and pry back (it is attached and hinges backwards). The small holder behind the window button also has a cover with a gap on the leading edge to pry it right out to reveal another screw. The last screw is behind the cover of the courtesy light. The cover has a small gap on the bottom to pry it out.

Once all the screws are out, pry up the back edge of the plastic panel on which the window/door lock buttons are located (there is a clip which pops when it releases). Once the back edge is lifted out, pull it straight backwards to pull out the front edge. Underneath, unclip the window and door lock wires the window clip has a button on the broad, front edge. The door lock has a groove along one edge with a tab that needs to be depressed with a strong thumbnail or screwdriver). Once these are unclipped place the panel to the side.

The door handle is next to come off. Pull the back out first, then pull it straight back and out to detach it from the door panel. Just let it hang from the cables for now.

There is a small black trim panel at the leading edge of the window. Pry the top straight out to detach it from the clip, then lift it straight up and off. Then work around the door panel prying it off the clips around the perimeter, starting at the bottom, then up the sides. Reach under the bottom of the panel and pull out the courtesy light (it just pops out). Twist the door lever and feed it through the panel while pulling the panel out. Now lift the whole panel up off the window track, starting at the back and then the front and place it to the side.

Peal off the plastic (its just held around the edge by gooey tar - leave the tar, it is needed to press the plastic back on). I just let it hang on the bits that are left poking through.

Hopefully you can see the bottom of the window and the two screws on either side of the centre window track to detach the window. Unscrew these to detach the window. I lifted the window all the way up and used Duct Tape to hold the window up until I could buy a new motor (my window was stuck down). I stuck half the strip of duct tape to the outside of the window, then over the top of the door and stuck it on the inside.

You can see the motor inside the door in the upper, forward opening. This lets you see where the three 10mm nuts are that need to be taken off to detach it (the screws are attached to the motor - you don't need to worry about losing these). Between the two cables of the door lever at the top centre of the door is the top nut for releasing the window track. Directly below that nut near the bottom of the door is the bottom nut to release the track. Pull the track and motor out the large bottom, rear hole in the door. The only thing I could locate was a whole motor/regulator/track assembly so I just replaced the whole thing by doing everything in reverse.

You can use brake cleaner to (carefully) spray into the window tracks to clean any gunk out (you'll see the black liquid run out the bottom of the door), then silicone lube to lubricate them after they're dry. Do this before putting the door panel back on, as you don't want this stuff getting on it. This will ease the load on your motor and improve the speed of your windows (while your at it, some silicone lube on the three tracks / wheels of the sliding doors will make them glide like new too).

Another answer:

The window is held to the regulator with two hexed screws (10mm). Remove the screws. From here you will see 3 nuts (10mm) towards the front of the door. That is the motor. There are also two other nuts holding the regulator in place. Remove the 5 nuts and start to push the bolts through. You might want to consider removing the speaker in the door to have improved access (4 screws and a wire clip). A friendly bit of advice is to not remove the plastic lining by peeling it off. It is adhered with tar and will get on anything it touches. Instead, cut around the inside perimeter of the adhesive, thus leaving a ring of plastic to cover the tar adhesive. Also, disconnect the motor wire clip. When you push the regulator bolts into the door, the assembly will drop along with the window. Hold the window and let it drop gently to the bottom of the door. You can remove it later by rotating it 90 degrees and pulling it out through the window slot. Remove the motor and the regulator

The problem you will encounter is that you will need to unscrew the power window guide and cable assembly from the motor. there are 3 small bolts (7mm) for this. Make certain that you do not unravel the cable in the spool. This should be sealed and not easily done, but just make a note of it. It is in easy access to do. I guess you know that the motor is bad? Sometimes, like what I am going through, is that the cable gets kinked and will jam thus causing the motor to get very hot. Once the motor is out you can bench test it by rehooking it up to the plug-in from the switch. Good luck and remember to try and not disturb the cable housing that fits into the gear of the motor.

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Q: How do you replace the power window motor in a 2000 Mazda MPV?
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