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Sometimes it is hard to get to the fitting on the pump and you have to remove the pump but is really isn't too hard.

I received a quote for $371.00 from a very reputable automobile repair shop. They assured me of the fact that it would take them five hours labor to complete this job. This is what I did today on my 93 Lumina. This is one of the most difficult lines to change. The angle of the line under the car is a nightmare. You cannot get to it from the top or the bottom. I tried using a line wrench and a crows foot. I could not get enough leverage because the fitting angle was away from me, and I had no room to work. I finally figured it out and here is what I did. First, I had to remove the belt in order to remove line from the pump. It's a single fitting and does not take but about five minutes. Next I had to get under the car and remove the bracket that stabilizes both the high and low pressure lines. The next thing that I did was to remove the top motor mount bars and pull my engine forward and brace it with two 2 X 4"s, as if you were going to change the spark plugs. The next thing that I did was to remove the transmission dipstick. (THIS IS KEY!), remove the rubber line (4") that goes from your air filter to your fuel injection system, this gives you access to reach the fitting. Next, I took a triangle file and filed the line as close to the fitting as possible. Once you filed enough to remove the line take a pair of pliers and break the line off. Once you've broke the line off, you can gain access to the fitting with an 18mm socket on the end of a super long extension with a flexible head from the passenger side of the engine. It took me less than a minute to get the fitting out. It's a piece of cake. Remove the fitting and then install the new line. You will have to get back under the car and have someone help you to guide the fitting to the correct hole. You cannot see the hole from under the car. Make sure that you start the fittings by hand that you can then tighten it from the top of the engine. Then tighten the hose on the pump end, and then reinstall everything that you removed in order to gain access. It should take about 1.5 to 2 hours. (BREAKING THE LINE AND GAINING THE ACCESSIBILITY WITH THE LONG EXTENSION IS CRITICAL) If you attempt to remove this hose without filing the line, it could take you five to seven hours. I hope that this helps!

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Q: How do you replace the pressure hose on the power steering pump on a 95 Chevy Lumina?
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