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How do you replace the rack and pinion assembly on a 1997 Chevrolet Venture?

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have a garage do it. it is a pain in the rear. you have to drop the basket 1st. with a new one and labore your looking at about 1300$. i just had it done.

2007-03-30 19:41:44
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How do you replace the rack and pinion on a 1999 venture?

by changing it

How do you replace a rack and pinion assembly on a 1997 Oldsmobile Silhouette?

Gm had a recall on this. Take it to a dealer to do it for free.

How do you repair the rack and pinion?

Most rack and pinion assemblies require specialized tooling and machining to repair. That is why it is most common to replace the assembly with a professionally repaired or rebuilt unit.

How do you replace the rack and pinion on a 2002 trailblazer?

how to replace the rack and pinion on a 2202 trailblazer

I have a 2002 Chevrolet Impala power steering pump that is leaking what should I do?

Replace the pump before the serpentine belt and rack and pinion are damaged.

How do you replace rack and pinion on Chevy Venture?

Looking through the users manual is the best way to do this. You can also get the help of a mechanic to make sure that you are doing it right.

How to Replace rack and pinion on 2002 Honda Odyssey?

replace rack and pinion on 2008 honda odyssey

How to replace rack and pinion on Honda Accord 1994?

how to install and replace a rack and pinion on Honda accord 1994 lx

Cost to replace rack and pinion on a 1994 Lexus es300?

What is the cost to replace a rack and pinion on 94 es300 lexus

Replace pinion seal on 2003 Santa Fe?

how do you replace rack and pinion seals on a 2003 hyundai santa fe

When do you put crush sleeve on pinion?

During final assembly.

Mercury sable rack and pinion?

what is the cost to replace the rack and pinion on a 1994 mercury sable

How do you replace the rear wheel bearings on a 1987 Chevrolet pickup with gov-loc differential?

Which differential bearings? Pinion bearing? Carrier bearings? End axle bearings?

Why pinion preload necessary?

Pinion is necessary to get to and replace the pinion crush sleeve that controls the pinion pre-load. It is also stated that a complete teardown of the differential is necessary as well.

How much should it cost to replace your rack pinion steering on your 2000 Chevrolet Impala?

Estimate around $400. For a 2005 Impala with a new rack and pinion set and some of the old parts it came up to about $700, but that was cheaper than another price that was quoted.

How do you replace the pinion bearing and seal on a 02 mountianieer?

to replace pinion bearing and seal you need to remove drive then remove the pinion nut from pinion shaft. u usually need a pretty good rattle gun to remove this .then remove yoke from front of differential.u may need a puller but usuall tapping with hammer will loosen it. remove the bearing and replace with new one then install seal and replace cover and ypke. replace pinion nut, fill with oil.replace drive shaft

How do you fix 2003 expedition rear differential pinion seal leak?

remove rear drive shaft. remove pinion yolk from front of diff.remove oinion seal replace with new one. replace pinion yolk, replace driveshaft,.. dhceck ujoints of drive shaft while out, its a good time to replace them

How do you replace rack and pinion on 1995 de ville?

Take two aspirin then drink a case of beer and recheck the rack and pinion and after drinking the beer. the old rack and pinion will look so much better you will decide not to replace it.

How do you fix Sunfire leaking rack and pinion?

Replace it!!

How do i replace a rack and pinion on a Nissan 200sx?

In order to replace a rack and pinion on a Nissan 200SX, you will need to remove the front wheels, the steering coupler, the power steering lines, and various bolts. You will then be able to remove the rack and pinion. Place the new rack and pinion in place, and return the various parts.

Hey how do you change a pinion seal on a 1995 ford thunderbird lx 4.6?

Assume you mean the seal on the rack and pinion steering??? If that part is leaking power steering fluid, it's because there is an internal, high pressure leak. That type of leak is usually caused by a worn bushing. Once a rack and pinion assembly starts leaking, the only option is to replace it since most people and most shops do not have access to the specialize equipment neessary to rebuild the assembly. It is highly recommended that the assembly be replaced before it wears to the point that metal shavings get into the power steering pump. Once that occurs, you'll need to replace the pump and hoses as well.

How much does it cost to fix a rack and pinion on a 1997 Chevrolet lumina?

Estimate around $400

Cost to replace the rack and pinion on a Mercury Cougar?

about 300

What is the whining noise coming from the rear while accelerating and decelerating in my 93 camaro?

its the pinion gear usually happens when the Axel assembly . is low on fluid, or from hi mileage usage, ether replace the Axel assembly .the Axel bearings get hot and start whining. thanks

How do you remove the play in the rack and pinion in an 03 civic si?

replace with new unitno adjustment is provisioned in a rack and pinion unit