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I know that the antenna runs down to below the steering column. I think that you need to unplug it from the back of the radio as well. Is there any easy way to replace an old one?

What is the radio unlock code for a 1993 toyota corolla

How do you replace a 1992 Celica GT antenna

where is the fuse located for the 2006 Toyota corolla

To replace a radio antenna on a 1994 C220 Mercedes Benz you first need to unscrew the old antenna. Next, insert the new antenna and screw into place.

Manual antenna on Elantra. Unscrew the screw on top of the antenna pull out the insert antenna and replace with new one. Simple as can be.

To remove the radio in a 1995 Toyota Corolla, first pry the radio frame from the dashboard using a flat tool like a screwdriver. Then, press in on the pins at each side of the radio and slide it out of the dashboard. Remove the wires from the back of the radio.

Remove the old antenna. Attach the universal antenna to the radio and replace the radio after finishing the task. Install the new antenna. Test to ensure the wiring works.

I have created a PDF w/pics that details each step of removing the factory radio from a 2006 Corolla. The PDF can be downloaded from the link below.

In my 2000 Toyota Corolla CE fuse for the radio is located at the back side of the radio, you need to pull out the radio and you will see the fuse on the back side of it between wires

I want to know the wiring color codes of the Toyota corolla 2006 car radio.

You can find a color code for radio wires on a 96 Toyota Corolla in the owner's manual. You can contact the manufacturer to order a replacement manual if needed.

To replace a broken radio antenna on a 2004 GMC Envoy you need to unscrew the old antenna. Next, place the new antenna in the hole and screw into place.

If the radio is not working in a 2005 Toyota Corolla the wire harness may be damaged. The radio fuse may also be damaged and should be checked as well.

Most Toyota trucks have their antennas unscrew. So try to just unscrew the antenna at the base.

remove wheel and remove the plastic liner inside the fender. remove the radio and disconnect the antenna wire. Tape another, 10' long wire to the end of the antenna wire. Unscrew the nut around the antenna from on top. pull the antenna and antenna wire out through the fender. Tape the 10' long wire to the new antenna wire and pull it back through the dash to the radio.

You can replace an XM radio antenna with a CB antenna, a ham 40-meter mobile antenna, a cellphone antenna, a GPS antenna, a TV antenna, a wire coat hanger, a 6 GHz microwave antenna, or a chain of paperclips. However, since none of them is optimized to operate at the frequencies of XM radio, like the XM antenna is, none of the others will work as well. Most of them will likely be so inefficient at the satellite radio frequencies that when you use one of those, you hear nothing at all on your radio.

The stock roof-mounted antenna on the 2005 Toyota Matrix will unscrew from the antenna base that is attached to the roof. If your original antenna has been stolen, you should be able to obtain a replacement antenna and just screw it on the the antenna base that is still attached to the roof of your Matrix.

AnswerCheck the fuse1996 corolla fuse is in kick panel next to driver!!! cig lighter and clock and radio!!!

The fuses in a Toyota Corolla 2000 are for various components of the car. For instance, the fuses power the windshield wipers, the radio, the power windows, and the power seats.

You can replace the radio, on your 1996 Toyota, I removing the radio front cover. Remove the retaining screws. Unplug the wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new radio.

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The base of the antenna has a spot where you can get a wrench around it. Turn counterclockwise and it unscrews.

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