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How do you replace the rear brakes on 1995 Mitsubishi?

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2010-07-02 01:54:24
2010-07-02 01:54:24

You will need a jack & stands and properly sized ratchets/sockets (a little trial and error tends to do the trick). A wire clothes hanger, C clamp, and a small bucket also come in handy.

  1. Loosen the bolts on the wheels.

  2. Jack up the vehicle, and use stands for support.
  3. Finish removing bolts and wheels.

  4. On the back side of the caliper are some bolts - spray down with PBlaster (a stronger WD40 type spray), let set, then remove bolts.

  5. Prepare to remove caliper (should slide off) - this is where the bucket or wire hanger come in handy - either rest the caliper on the overturned bucket, or use the wire hanger to hold the caliper on the spring (or other convenient suspension bit) - you do not want to put tension on the brake line.

  6. Remove pads - note the orientation of the clips, if there are any.

  7. Remove rotor (if you're changing that as well). Some rotors can use a "magic bolt" to help the removal process - screw the bolt into the vacant hole in near the center of the rotor, and leverage will do the trick for you.

  8. Get a BFH if the rotor won't come off.

  9. Reverse the process to bolt everything back up.

  10. The c-clamp comes in handy if the caliper pistons have extended while you've been busting your knuckles.

When done, drive to a secluded parking lot (or other large area) and go easy on the brakes. Bed the pads and rotors per the instructions.

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