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Either the engine has to come out, or the transmission. But make darn sure that it isn't the cork intake gasket on the back of the intake that has deteriorated, cracked up, and fallen into the engine. Oil will just pour out of the back from there.

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Q: How do you replace the rear main seal on a 1989 Ford F-150?
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Is the rear main seal on a 2001 4.2 ford f150 one or two piece?


What tank is the main tank on a 1977 ford f150 truck?

The front tank is the main tank and the rear tank is the auxiliary tank.

How do you replace a rear main seal on a 1996 F150?

The transmission must be removed. Not a DIY job unless you are skilled.

Why is the Ford F150 the best selling truck in America?

The Ford F150 is rolling out from production line since 1975 . The main reason is reliability and sturdiness. It is an utility vehicle which you can take to office as well and has 4 wheel drive which allows you to cross any terrain.

Does a 93 f150 have a 1 piece rear main seal?

does a 93 f150 have a 1piece rear main seal

How do you change the rear main seal on a 1994 ford bronco?

Remove transmission and replace the rear main seal

How is the Ford F250 truck different from the F150 model?

The Ford F250 is a 3/4 ton truck and the F150 is a 1/2 ton truck. The main purpose for these differences, is pointing out the towing capabilities for each truck. The major difference between the F150 and F250 is size and power. The F250 has a more powerful drivetrain and can tow and haul more cargo.

Does anyone have a plug wire diagram for a 1992 f150 302 ford truck?

Check in the chilton manual, if u do not have one, the main library usually carries them.

How do you replace an oil pump on a 1988 Ford F150?

You will need to unbolt the motor and transmission from their mounts. jack up the motor, drain and remove the lower oil pan. That should give you access to the pump. If your going to do it you might want to change your main barrings at the same time.

Can you replace a rear main seal on an 1993 F150 with a 302 with out pulling the motor?

Yes but you must eather remove the transmittion or move it back enough to be able to work.

Is the rear main seal on a 1989 Ford F-150 a split seal?

Get a manual on your car and it will show you how to replace it and do the job right. Yes Mine is not but it appears to be common that it can be either type. When replacing my clutch I found a small leak and decided to replace the seal. The seal itself is not hard, just getting to it.

How do you replace a rear main seal in a transfer case in a 1997 Ford Explorer?

You can replace the rear main seal in a transfer case, on a 1997 Ford Explorer, by removing the transfer case cover. Remove the seal, using a seal puller. Reverse the process to install the new seal.

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