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How do you replace the rear turn signal bulb located on a 1999 Mazda 626?


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2010-11-21 02:21:15
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Funny I should run across this while looking for a different answer. I just did this for my friend's '99 626 LX.

You need to remove the whole taillight assembly. Open the trunk, and you'll see the plastic covering the lower rear part of the trunk, including up and around where the taillights are. On each side, there are two plastic fasteners. Just use your fingernail, or something thin, and pop out the CENTER of the fastener. Don't pull hard, it just comes out about 1/8", do NOT remove the center entirely. Once you pull the center out a bit, the whole thing should pull out easily. Do this on both sides.

Now grab the middle section and while wiggling, pull it straight up. It's held with 4 push in clips that slide onto the plastic part. It's very snug, but it'll come out with some wiggling and pulling up.

Now you can pull the fabric covering the back of the trunk where the taillight is. Remove the 4 metric nuts, and the whole unit will be able to be pulled out. Be gentle, the wiring is still attached from within the trunk. I found it easier to work on if you push the connector/grommet inside the trunk through to the outside. It just pulls back easily when you're done.

Turn the fitting on the back of the taillight assembly counter clockwise about 1/8-1/4 turn and it comes out. Takes standard type bulb. After replace, before reinstalling, try the light. Reassemble in reverse order.

Put nuts on taillight assembly, snug up. I found I could loosen the nuts by just holding the socket in my fingers, so only tightened the same way, no wrench. Smooth the fabric from the sides of the trunk back in place over the taillight area. Take the plastic cover and note the 4 clips that hold it in place, as well as the round plastic that helps align it. Ensure the clips are correctly on the plastic, one of mine slid off and remained in the car/hole. I just used pliers to pull it straight out, then slid it in place on the plastic. Align the round pins in the metal of the trunk and push straight down in the 4 places the clips go.

Ensure the holes in the plastic, and fabric, line up with the hole in the metal on the sides by the taillight. Holding the plastic clips with the center slightly out, push them in, then push in the center and they'll hold.

Close trunk and re-test lights and you're done!


might want to disconnect neg battery term at post first then reconnect to test after. just so no shorting during removing?


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