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Ok, this is real simple. Jack the car up. Take off the tires. Ok you will see the brake caliper. It's the big peice that hold on the brake pads. Unbolt the two bolts that hold on the caliper. Once off the Rotor should slide off. For the rear Rotors. This maybe the hardest part. Most people just replace the front and ignore the back. The back drums,should just slide off. But in most cases you have to beat them off, due to rust.Not really a good way to get the back ones off once they are stuck on. just take a crow bar or a pry bar a wedge it in and beat it off. Back drums for an 88 Honda civic is like 12 bucks at autozone. So beat away if they are hard to get off.

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Q: How do you replace the rotors on a 1996 Honda Civic HX?
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