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How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1992 Ford Thunderbird?


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to serpentine placementI'm not sure when you posted this question, but I'll answer anyway. They didn't change much from the 1991 models to the 1992 models. The serpentine belt is located just behind the fan.

1- You will need to disengage the negative battery cable prior to proceeding. This way the fan will not injure you if it should start unexpectantly.

2- Locate the tension wheel. This will be on the left side of the engine incorporated in the serpentine loop. There is a nut on this wheel. Use an appropriate size closed [or box end] wrench or a medium to large socket handle with the appropriate size socket and place on the nut.

3- Pull up on the wrench to relieve the pressure on the belt. There is not much room here so be careful and patient with yourself.

4- Pay attention to the path the belt takes around all the wheels. Note that some wheels are ribbed and some are smooth. The belt will ride with the rib side down on the ribbed ones. There should be a diagram on the frame near the front of the engine compartment.

5- I found that it is easier to remove the exhaust hose from above the serpentine for easier access.

6- With the tension released you can remove the belt.

7- Be careful when letting go of the wrench to get the new belt. The tension wheel has a strong spring inside it that can injure you.

8- Begin to loop the belt in the correct path leaving the smallest very top wheel for last. This wheel will be a smooth wheel that he belt will need to pass under. I found that this is the easiest wheel to reach while placing the belt back on.

9- Again pull up on the tension wheel as far as you can with one hand while you move the belt under the last wheel.

10- Prior to releasing the tension wheel, make sure that the belt is still in all the groves and around all other smooth wheel where appropriate.



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