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The belt is held tight by the tensioner pulley. Look between the Air Conditioner and the alternator. There should be a smaller silver pulley the belt runs around one side, that seems to serve no purpose. OK, if your belt is already off, proceed to the next line. If it isn't, you can cut it or remove it by moving the tensioner pulley. To move the tensioner pulley, I have had two ways work. You need a 3/8" long socket extension bar, about 2 foot, if available. Take the end that snaps into a socket and place it in the notch you find behind the pulley. You have to reef one direction on it and it will lift/move the pulley out of the way and release tension. You will have a LOT of gtension on the bar and your arm. Once you figure out how to do that, get your new belt and place it around the Alternator or Air Conditioner pulley, or the flywheel pulley. Whichever is easier for you (size of arms/hands make a difference). Move the pulley with the bar and either (1) hold with one hand (tough), (2) block it with something, or better yet, (3) have your asistant run the belt on to the course. Then run it around the other pulleys, and let off the idler. The other way, which I have had to do because someone rounded out the lift notch, is to go from underneath with a bottle jack and a piece of 2 X 4, on end. Run one end of the board on to the pulley (put the belt over the pulley first and leave room with the board so the belt can go in the course) and the other end on the bottle jack end. Slowly lift until you have clearance to slide the belt on. Any questions, email me. Good luck. Bill

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Q: How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1993 Chevy S-10?
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