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I have a 2000 LSI model but it is the same body style as the '98. Standing in front of the car look on the left (passenger) side of the engine near the serpentine belt (slightly under the highest part of the serpentine belt. You will see a metal bracket which is the tensioner. It is larger than you might expect a tensioner to be. On the bracket is what looks like a nut that is simply part of the hardware, it can't be removed (I don't know the word for this). Put your wrench or socket (use a long one) on this "fake nut" and pull towards you. You can see and feel the tension on the belt loosen. Be sure to take note of the belt route before removing the old belt. Loosen the tension and remove the old belt. Easiest installation of the new belt is done by putting the new belt on the upper pulleys first, but then getting under the car. For easiest access you can jack up the car (put it on a jack stand) and remove the front passenger tire. After you remove the dust/splash guard under the car, you can easily see the belt pulleys on the under side of the engine. You may need a second person to hold the tensioner in the "belt loose" position while you install the new belt. My wife handled this just fine. This is how I changed the belt; it took me ten minutes. By the way, this is not as difficult as it sounds.

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Q: How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1998 Chevy Prizm?
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