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I found this question while searching for an answer to the very same problem after the belt broke. To replace it is really easy (once you discover how to do it!). Once you open the hood and face the engine, you will see to wheels without grooves. The one on your left is the one that tense the belt. To loosen the belt, just place a wrench at the 12 position and turn it clockwise to, say about 3 o'clock. That will move the wheel down and will release the pressure on the belt. To put a new one, just do the same. Please note that to remove the old belt (if it is not broken) or to place the new one IT IS NOT necessary to remove the small belt that you see attached to the radiator fan, just go with the new belt around and below the fan (between the fan and the radiator).

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It all depends on the setup though. REMOVAL

  1. Disconnect negative (-) cable at battery.
  1. Loosen adjusting bolt (1) and pivot bolt (2).
  2. Slacken belt by displacing fan pulley.
  3. Remove cooling fan. Just detach the fan/clutch from fan pulley.
  4. Remove cooling fan belt (3).


  1. Install belt to fan pulley and crankshaft pulley.
  2. Install cooling fan.
  3. Adjust belt tension as specified.
  4. Tighten adjusting bolt and pivot bolt.
  5. Connect negative (-) cable at battery.

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WARNING: Disconnect negative (-) cable at battery before removing and installing generator belt.

  1. Loosen tensioner by turning the tensioner pulley (2) clockwise.
  2. While holding the tensioner and belt loose, remove generator belt (1).


  1. Loosen tensioner by turning the tensioner pulley (2) clockwise.
  2. While holding the tensioner, install generator belt (1). NOTE:
  • Make sure that the belt fits each pulley's groove properly.
  • After installing generator belt, perform checks described above and make sure that tension indicator is within standard range.

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Q: How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 2001 Suzuki Vitara 4cyl?
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