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Replace Achieva Serpentine BeltI just replaced the serpentine belt on my 1997 Olds Achieva yesterday. I bought a Haynes manual and that was a waste of $18.99. After researching the structure of the car a little, here is the method I ultimately used.

1. Place the vehicle on a level surface, in park, parking break set. On the passenger side wheel well, remove the plastic shroud that wraps under the engine. This will make access to the lower pulleys easier. 2. Place a floor jack beneath the oil pan with a small wooden plank to distribute the lifting pressure. 3. Raise the jack until the vehicle begins to rise. 4. Connect a rachet-style tie down between the lifting eye located directly in front of the alternator to a solid and sturdy point on the front of the car. Jack the strap until there is firm tension on it. This keeps the engine from rocking backwards when you later remove the engine mount. 5. Release tension on the belt by lifting the belt-tensioner. I didn't have a wrench handle long enough to reach into the small space, so I used a different method. I used a strap with a hook on the end, like those straps with the rachets on them for tying things down. I lowered the hook end from the rear side of the strut and looped it to the front side and hooked it onto the end of the belt tensioner. To release tension I just pulled up on the strap until the belt was loose enough to pull off the alternator. Skip this step if you just want to cut the belt off or it is already broken. 6. The upper engine mount is located next to the strut. It connects to two other sections that bolt to the engine. The rear mount is below the alternator. The front mount is below the Power Steering pump. Only the rear mount needs to be removed. Here are the steps to remove the parts needed for removing and re-installing the belt. On the upper engine mount locate three 15mm bolts, two connect at the rear and one at the front. Remove all three bolts. The engine will rotate slightly when removing the bolts, so you may have to rotate it slightly while pulling the bolts out. Next, remove the rear mount. There are two 15mm nuts and one bolt holding it in place. When the rear mount is disconnected, there is a gap between the upper engine mount and the rear mount. The belt will slide out through that gap. To complete removal, slide the belt through the gap between the upper engine mount that you unbolted and the two engine mount sections. 7. When installing the new belt, slide it into the gap that you used for removing the old belt. Seat it onto all pulleys to make sure you don't have any kinks or twists. Wait until the vehicle is reassembled before placing the belt onto the alternator pulley. 8. Reverse the procedure to reassemble the engine mount. I don't have torque values for the bolts; I just made them as tight as they were when I removed them.

I others: Mark Rodgers

Way too much work for me. I agree with the lower shroud. I took a long box end wrench that fits the hex nut in the belt tensioner attached it. I turned it a little by had and then slid a pipe over the end of the wrench to get it up where I can get a better hold and get better leverage. After pushing the tensioner up, the belt came off of the alternator. I dropped it out the bottom. I changed the A/C compressor and put it back in. Not a lot of room but relatively simple to do.

T Foreman Macon, GA

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Q: How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 97 Olds Achieva?
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