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There should be a routing diagram under the hood. If not, take a digital picture of it before removal. Pry the idler pulley back and the belt slips right off.

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Does anyone have a routing diagram for the serpentine belt on a 1997 C230? Here is a picture of the engine and it shows most of the routing hope this helps someone. I had to do a little creative problem solving to find it!

How do I find the Serpentine Belt Routing Diagram for 1997-2005 Chevy Malibu V6 3.1L with air conditioning?

I know that on my neighbor's '98 Malibu, there is a diagram under the hood, right next to the serpentine belt assembly. On my '97, it looks like there was one, but it must have come off. With so many Malibus on the road, just ask someone if they will pop their hood for you.

How do you put a serpentine belt fan on a 1995 Buick Riviera?

get someone that knows what they are doing, to replace it the 2 long front engine mount bolts need to be removed to replace serpentine belt

Where can someone go to purchase serpentine belts?

Serpentine belts for cars may be purchased from auto parts stores like Auto Zone, while serpentine belts for vacuum cleaners may be found at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond. Businesses that service vehicles, such as Express Lube and Chicagoland Jiffy Lube, may also replace old serpentine belts.

Can you recommend someone in the Tri-City Michigan area to replace a serpentine belt on a 2001 Chevy Malibu LS?

call 989-482-7376 ask for mr. hankins he has the answer

How do you replace a serpentine belt for a 1997 Oldsmobile 88?

you havee to remove the lower bolt on the motor mount to get enough clearance to slide it through take it to someone its faster and easier that way

How do you change the alternator on 1998 Susuki Esteem?

To remove the Suzuki Esteem alternator, someone has to first remove the serpentine belt from the alternator pulley and all the attached wires. Dislodge the alternator and replace with a new one. Fasten the wires and the serpentine belt and let the engine run for 5 minutes.

Where can someone find step by step instructions to replace serpentine belt on a 1996 Nissan 200SX 1.6L?

The instructions are in the repair manual for that car. You can purchase one at most auto parts stores.

Where can you get a diagram of the oil line routing for a 1980 sportster?

You could check your local library for a Chilton's Manual. Or you may be able to ask someone on a site like Craigslist or even a Harley Forum Site. Good Luck!

How do you change the serpentine belt on a 2006 Ford Fusion?

Can someone tell me how to install the serpentine belt on a 2006 ford fusion? I need an answer ASAP. Thanks

How do you replace a serpentine belt on a 1997 Jeep Wrangler?

Loosen the bolts on the alternator (do not take them all the way out), push the alternator toward the engine a little, take off the belt, (make sure you draw the path of the belt first) install the new belt according to the serpentine belt path diagram, and pull the alternator away from the engine (you may need a iron bar to help you be careful not to damage the alternator) and have someone else tighten the bolts of the alternator while you put tension on the alternator to tighten the belt.

How can you get the belt routing diagram for a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 6 cl 4l?

The serpentine belt routing SHOULD be posted either on the underside of the hood or right on the emissions sticker on the cross member right above the radiator ( this is the normal location for all Chrysler built products. If it isn't in either place the engine was swapped out from an eight cylinder to the six or someone removed the sticker. If this is the case you should try to see if you can get the correct sticker for the engine from the dealer as it contains other vital information. Barring that any Chiltons or Haynes manual covering that year engine will have the correct routing. IF you are mechanically inclined, it isn't hard to figure out the routing as the belt is a specific length for the engine year and size. Smooth pulleys and idlers ride on the back of the belt, ribbed ride on the inside, start with it around the crank pulley and work up from there.

Can someone help you diagram a sentence?

Yes, they can.

Can someone give me a diagram of a fuse box for a 1993 Chevy Beretta?

can someone give me a diagram of a fuse box location for a 1993 Chevy beretta

How do you replace the serpentine belt on 2004 gmc canyon?

Just below the power steering unit is the tensioner. It has a square hole for a 3/8th wrachet. Insert the wratchet in the square hole and pull left. Have someone remove the old belt and replace with the new one. Takes 5 minutes at most.

An engine diagram for an old gm 292?

I need to see a diagram for an old gm 292. I have a 67 Chevie PU. Someone removed the vacuum hose going from the carburetor to the valve cover gasket. I need to see the whole thing to make sure I replace it right.

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If someone lives in Austin, then that person lives in Texas.

Where can I find a diagram for 1989 mighty max engine?

A diagram of an engine can be used as a guide when someone is making changes. A diagram for the 1989 Mighty Max engine can be found in its maintenance manual.

Can someone show you electrical circuit diagram for a voki toki?


How do install a serpentine belt in a Ford Focus?

For a 2004 w/Zetec 2.0 L - disconnect battery - raise and support passenger side - note how the belt is routed (draw diagram if necessary) - from underneath the car locate the tensioner pulley - it is the one directly below the alternator towards. - Using a wrench (I think 13 or 15mm) rotate the pulley CCW - Note that you may have to hook two wrenches together end to end to get the proper leverage to rotate the pulley. I found there was no room for a socket/ratchet nor for a serpentine belt tool - When you loosen the belt, have someone pull the belt of the alternator pulley and the belt should come off. - To install, you'll need to rotate the tensioner again and have someone put the belt back on the alternator. Make sure, the routing is correct and make sure the belt is centered correctly on all of the pulleys.

How do you change serpentine belt on Mercedes 300e wagon?

It's easier with a helper. First make sure you have a routing diagram before you remove it (usually under hood). Next find topmost smooth pulley (not ribbed)-that's an idler. Find a socket that fits the bolt in the middle and a long handled wrench. Move it right against spring tension using that bolt to create slack in belt. (Note-if it moves left, same concept, use pry bar instead) while you do that someone can remove belt. Reverse to install.

How do you route the serpentine belt on a 1996 Chevy S 10 pickup?

Check under the hood on the fan cover there is usually a diagram located here you could also check a "Chilton" manual for this diagram if it is not under your hood. I have taken these on and off several times once you get the hang of it, it seems pretty easy. sometimes you will need someone to help you pry the tension pulley using a socket/wrench with a cheaterbar. Good Luck!

Vacuum routing line for F-150 Ford 6-cylinder 300?

Can someone help out?

Would it be easy for someone who isn't a mechanic to replace the serpentine belt on a 2004 Chevy cavilier?

it is really easy u get a half inch drive wrechit and there is a tentioner on it. u pull that back with the half inche drive wrechit and pull ur belt then do the same to put it back on

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