How do you replace the shocks for 2000 Dodge Durango?

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Rear shocks:
You will need 15 and 18 mm sockets or wrenches, but combination wrenches will work as well. First, place your vehicle on jack stands and also support the side you are doing with a jack. (If you remove the spare tire it will give you a lot more room to work.) Second, coat the bull pens (bolts that attach shocks to vehicle) with penetrating oil (like WD-40) and let set for a while. Then put you 15 mm socket on the bolt and the 18 mm wrench on the nut and controllably push the socket and pull the wrench to loosen bolt then remove all the way leaving the bolt on. On the top side you will want a socket extension. Put the wrench and socket on the same things as last time, but because it might be rusty you will have to work the 18 mm on to the nut. When you start removing the bolt only use the socket and let the wrench go where it wants because it should run in to another bolt that will hold it in place. Once loosened, remove again leaving the bolt on. Then take your wrench and hit the bolt so it comes out. After you get the bottom bolt out you should be able to pull the top on out. Once both bolts are out remove shocker. To put new ones back on just reverse the order. (Note: If you are replacing with gas shocks you will have to push them up a little bit. You might also have to use the wrench to get the bolt back in.) One more thing: When putting the nuts back on start them by hand then use the tools to get them on all the way. And tighten as tight as you can. I am not sure how to change the front shocks (if any) so you are on your own with that.
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