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you do mean shocks and not airbags right? well, you change shocks on the rear just like any other car with them but on a Lincoln the best way is to have the car resting all the way down,"with the airbag switch off". place a jack directly on the rearend and raise the vehical a little to release tension off the bolts. it's easier to put them on this way cause when you buy new shocks they are already compressed and its hard to pull or extend a compressed shock.

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Q: How do you replace the shocks on a 2001 Lincoln Town Car?
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Does your 1988 Lincoln town car have shocks or struts in the front?

A 1988 Lincoln Towncar has shocks in the front.

How do you adjust the tension on a 1993 Lincoln Town Car trunk lid?

If it has shocks, replace them. If it has torsion bars one might be broken.

Does a 98 Lincoln Town Car have struts or shocks in the front?

There are shock absorbers in the front on a 1998 Lincoln Town Car

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You could do that. The air shocks would have to be manually inflated. You may run into a competition between the manually leveling system and the automatic levilng system.

How do you replace the rear shocks on a 1998 Lincoln Town car?

hey there buddy try going to shocks in-stead of air, air are better of course air ride is also comfertable but pricy when it comes time to replace it i had air ride on my 95 town car it went out on me so i changed it too shocks and putting them on are easy just do what you do when taking them off just reverse your work

How many fuel injectors do a 2001 Lincoln town car have?

There are ( 8 fuel injectors ) on a 2001 Lincoln Town Car

Do 1989 Lincoln town cars have shocks?

Yes, one at each wheel

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First, you must know that the Lincoln Towncar does not have air shocks. Instead, it has air bags. What this means is that in place of steel springs your Lincoln has rubber cushions that are filled with air, known as air bags. This link will take you to the answer you seek:

What type of motor oil to use on 2001 Lincoln town car?

The 2001 Lincoln Town Car Owner Guide shows ( 5W-20 )

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Are 2001 Lincoln town cars the same as 2000 Lincoln town cars?

No. Similar, but not the same.

How do you replace a 2001 Lincoln Town car starter?

To replace the starter on the 2001 Lincoln Town car, first remove the battery cables from the battery. Then, remove the three wires from the starter. Then, remove the bolts holding the starter in place. The starter will then be easy to lift out of the vehicle. Replace the starter by first bolting the new starter in place and then adding the three wires.

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A 2000 Lincoln Town Car doesn't have a rack and pinion steering.

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You replace them, since you need one with new material inside. Any muffler shop can do it.

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Where is the ac relay on a 2001 Lincoln town car?

I need the answer

Does a 2001 Lincoln Town Car have cabin filters?

I was looking at the 2001 Lincoln Town Car Owner Guide and it does not show anything about it having a cabin air filter from the factory

Where is the reset switch for rear air shocks of a 1999 Lincoln Town car?

the switch is inside the trunk on the left side