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You have to be able to reach behind it, so you might want to remove the wheel/tire for better access (although, if you have a lift, you can do it from below). If you're doing it through the wheel well, you'll also need to loosen the screws that hold the black plastic wheel well liner in place (and move the liner aside) in order to expose the back of the lens. You'll see two holes: the round one for the lamp base (remove the lamp socket from the lens) and a square hole forward of the round one. Reach into the square hole and push down on the spring-loaded latch on the lens, then slide the lens towards the front of the car INSIDE the bumper cowl about 1/2"; this will release the lens' holding tabs from the rear-ward end of the lens allowing you to then slide it out towards the rear of the car. Installation is the reverse of what I described. (1/10/2009) Mine seemed to be much simpler. I was able to use a rigid plastic tool to pry the lens out from the out side of the car. Even though I used a plastic tool just in case, the tool itself never touched the paint of the car. (Just carefully pry against your finger or something) From the end facing the rear of the car, pry, pushing forward and out. The lens comes out quite easy. The bulb with rubber boot pulls straight out (no twisting). To replace, put the rear-facing end of the lense in the hole first, then press the front end (the end with the spring) firmly into place. You are set!- Jay

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Q: How do you replace the side marker lens on a 2000 VW Jetta?
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