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The side marker lights can be removed by releasing the amber or red housing from the bumper fascia. To release the amber front side markers, use a long, stiff rod (I used a 1/8" x 1" steel bar about 30 inches long) to compress the large plastic clip on the end of the housing. The clip is accessible from the engine compartment behind the headlight housing. Good lighting is essential to see where you are poking and a helper is beneficial. Once you see the clip and have an appropriate bar or rod, depressing the plastic spring clip and rotating the housing out is a 30 second affair. Once the housing is out, the socket and wiring can be pressed toward the housing to compress the o-ring while twisting counter-clockwise one quarter of a turn. The "168" type bulb is 5 watts and is simply pushed in or pulled out. I recommend looking at the front side marker lights from inside the engine compartment even if only to see how the rear side marker light is constructed. They are only different in color. The rear housing is a bit more difficult, but not impossible. I use an 8mm socket to remove one screw that holds the leading tip of the wrap-around bumper fascia. It is easily located by going straight down into the wheel well from the leading edge (hinge side) of the fuel filler door. It screws straight up into plastic, so be careful not to strip it on re-assembly. Once that screw is out (again, I can't stress how important good lighting is) the bumper skin and wheel-well liner can be carefully pulled apart and you can see the leading edge of the red, rear housing and the plastic spring clip. Indeed, Hyundai engineers even created a notch in the wheel well housing so that seasoned professionals can access the clip by feel and experience. I used a 14" long regular screwdriver to depress the spring and rotate the housing out. The bulb, socket, and housing arrangement are the same as above. A few miscellaneous notes: EVERY source I have seen mis-identifies the bulb type for this make and model. It IS a 5 watt 168 bulb. The housing is stamped with that information. These applications (in my humble opinion) are ideal for LED bulb replacement. Just be sure to get amber LED assemblies for the amber housing and red LED assemblies for the red housing. 2 x WLED-A5 amber bulbs for the fronts and 2 x WLED-R5 red bulbs for the rears cost $17 right to my mailbox. I know that's a bit more, but consider this: a local shop wasted their time quoting me $20 to replace a SINGLE 168 bulb covering my license plate!

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Q: How do you replace the side marker lights on a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT?
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