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How do you replace the spark plugs on a 2002 Santa Fe V6?

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2015-07-15 18:50:31
2015-07-15 18:50:31

(rear plugs)

1- Remove engine cover

2- Remove back left throttle cable/ground strap small bracket bolt

3- Remove front two throttle cable bracket bolts

4- Remove electrical connector left of rear throttle cable main bracket

5- Remove vacuum hose from left side of vacuum solenoid (don't know what that unit does but it is right below the main throttle cable bracket)

6- Slip vacuum solenoid off of bracket by pushing it towards the driver's side

7- Remove two bolts holding the main throttle cable braket (note: these bolts also hold a second bracket the holds the vacuum solenoid)

8- Remove the three rear plenum tie down bolts. The left one you can see from the left side, the right one is right below the throttle cables about an inch from the right edge of the plenum, and the center one is under the main throttle cable bracket. DO NOT REINSTALL THE CENTER BOLT WHEN REVERSING THE PROCESS. Without the center tie down bolt you MAY be able to skip steps 3-8. I didn't check so this is still unknown.

9- Unclamp the black rubber intake hose from the throttle body and push it under the throttle body

10- Remove the hose from the the PCV valve at the top right of the front valve cover

11- Remove nuts and bolts holding the front of plenum (2 nuts, 2 long bolts, 3 short bolts)

12- Lift plenum off studs

13- Place a rag over the intake manifold so you don't drop anything into your engine

14- Tilt the plenum up on the passenger side about 45 degrees and brace up with a 6-8" long piece of wood or equivalent

15- Change rear plugs

Takes about 45 min for an experienced machanic and an hour to an hour and a half for someone else. I got the instructions from this site: I don't recommend the gap setting he mentions on his website. You do get a little more get up and go, but you lose 3-4 mpg.

(Good guidance, just want to add a couple missing things. Under the throttle body are 2 coolant lines tied in that come off as well as three electrical connections on driver side of plenum and 2 underneath that come off as you lift it. I left the middle rear bolt out as instructed and it makes sense to reduce the time needed for future plug/cable work. Also, I recommend changing all the plug wires while going through so much trouble. For me it was a failed cable on cylinder 4(front middle). Thank you for this post, SUV runs great.) get rid of it these thing are total crap

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Disconnect the battery, remove the engine cover, remove the spark plugs wires and boots, and remove the spark plugs. Put in the new spark plugs, replace the spark plug wires and boots, replace the engine cover, and connect the battery.

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Remove the spark plug wires from your 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis spark plugs. Remove the spark plugs by turning them to the left with a deep well 5/8 socket. Reverse the process to install the new spark plugs.

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To change spark plugs on a 5.9 2002 Dodge Ram 1500, locate the old spark plugs. These are located at the end of the 8 wires inside the vehicle's bonnet. Remove the old spark plugs and replace with new.

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Disconnect the battery, remove the cover, remove the spark plug cables and boots, then remove the old spark plugs. Put in the new spark plugs, replace the cables and boots, replace the cover and connect the battery.

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Disconnect the battery, remove the spark plug cables and boots, and remove the old spark plugs. Throw out the old spark plugs, Put in the new spark plugs, replace the spark plugs cables and boots, and reconnect the battery.

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