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How do you replace the spark plugs on a 2005 Toyota RAV4?


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Remove the air filter and remove the three 10mm bolts that fasten the filter box to the valve cover. This will reveal the 4 coil packs that cover the plugs. One doesn't need to remove the hoses from the air filter box to the intake, but rather push it to the driver's side. This will facilitate removal of even the plug nearest the driver's side fender.

Remove the coil pack wire connection from the coil by pressing down the grooved tab and wiggling whilst pulling.

Remove the 10mm bolt from each coil pack and wiggle-pull these out of the spark plug wells.

Remove the spark plugs with a 5/8 socket with an extension.

Replace plugs in the opposite order after coating the threads of the new spark plugs with anti-seize compound. Only use enough compound to coat the threads to avoid fouling the plug.

Replace the air box and filter. Done.

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Toyota says to change at 30,000 mile intervals in order to maintain Emissions warranty.

I just replaced the plugs on my 2005 tundra 4.7 v8. they are easy. their is so much room to work with. But do use the genuine Toyota spark plugs. "Do not use aftermarket plugs" i garauntee if you use the aftermarket plugs, you will wreak havoc. the heat range is too high on the aftermarket plugs, and therefore will burn holes in the ignition wires. check eBay for Toyota plugs or your local Toyota dealer.

I would replace the spark plugs after 50K, the wires and plugs again at 100K.

on the 3.5 v6 take off the engine cover, unscrew the coilpacks and take out the spark plugs.

Changing spark plugs is relatively easy. Disconnect the batter and spark plug cables, and remove the old spark plugs. Next replace the spark plugs with new ones, reconnect the spark plug cables and battery.

After 105,000 miles. Nissan Maxima spark plugs are platinum-tipped and lasts for many years.

get a 3/8 Rachet,w/a 10in.3/8 extension,plus your spark plug Socket.that will do it!

I haven't seen 1 answer answered yet on this great site!!

u take the old ones out and replace them by color

Both V6 engines have 6 spark plugs

yes - 8 spark plugs for a gas V8 engine

how calibrate spark pulg for suzuky verona 2005?

There is a cover on top of the engine. Take that off and the spark plugs are right there.

It is moderately easy to change the spark plugs on a Liberty, although it is rather tricky because of the gap between the spark plugs.

You will have to remove the intake, and replace the gaskets (they are reuse able but you should have new ones on hand in case they are damaged. The spark plugs installed in the engine are designed to last for 100k miles, unless you have a misfire, then there really no reason to replace them.

NGK spark plug is the best for Toyota, Honda and Nissan

Is there a video to show how to change the spark plug

Could be in need of a tune up. Replace spark plugs, wires, air and fuel filters.

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Disconnect the battery, remove the spark plug cables and boot, and remove the old spark plugs. Put in the new spark plugs, attach the cables and boots, and connect the battery.

It means # 3 cylinder has a misfire. My advice is to replace all the spark plugs, and check the spark plug wires carefully.

Look in the required maintenance booklet that came with the vehicle. Probably 90 or 100 thousand miles.

use the spark plug wrench and use used mirror to find the rear spark plug, you need to two person to do this, then fell the spark plug rear with your hands then apply the spark wrench to remove the old spark plug.

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