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I just replaced mine this past weekend. For the passenger side door, there is a screw right under the door handle and a screw in the middle underneath the door. Remove them both. Next remove the side mirror cover. It just snaps off. Now firmly but gently pull up and out on the door cover. It should come off. Now disconnect any wiring.

For the driver side door there is an extra screw located behind the window and door lock controls. Just push in and lift up and out on the controls and the should pop out. Remove the screw. Disconnect the wiring before you continue. Next remove the same screws that you did for the passenger side door and the side mirror cover. Again firmly but gently pull up and out on the door cover and disconnect any remaining wiring.

The rest is self explanitory. You may have to drill new holes for the aftermarket speakers to fit because the piece that held the factory speakers in was useless for mine. I also used some double sided tap with the foam in between the door and the speaker to help secure it and to provide some space between the metal door and the speaker. Hope this helped. I was pleasantly suprise on how relatively easy it was.

You Can Re-Use Original Mounting and Wiring Harness:

I just replaced the front speakers in my 99 Silverado and I Actually used the

existing Speaker Brackets. I separated them from the old Speakers and then reattached them to my new speakers with a couple small 1/2" lg sheet metal screws and also pried off the existing wiring connector and was able to replace the speakers with Factory Wiring Harness and Mounting. 15-20 min's per side taking your time.

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Q: How do you replace the speakers on the door of a 2000 Chevy Silverado pickup?
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