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How do you replace the speed sensor on a 1998 Ford Taurus with a V6 engine 3.0L automatic transmission?


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When standing in front of the facing the motor, the speed sensor is on the left hand, back side of the motor in the rack & pinion. Just unplug the sensor and get a strong grip on the sensor and pull it straight up and out. To put the new one in, just push it in the hole where the old one came out until it snaps in over the o-ring. I had to change mine about 2 years ago and that's all there is to it. I hope this will help!!! Good Luck!!

The speed sensor is on the passenger side top of the transmission! It's not on the rack and pinion! I'm a student at Albany Technical College in the automotive technology class and I recently had to replace the one on my Grandmothers car. The best way I found to do it was remove the passenger side tire and then remove the passenger side motor mount and...voila! It's right on top of the transmission and the 10mm bolt is on the drivers it is a little tricky to get to! You take the bolt out and pull the old one out...and put the new one in and reverse the process! it's time consuming but...thats the easiest way I could find to do it! anyone else that has to replace this!

Remember that there is one nut (10mm) that needs to be removed before the sensor will pull out. The sensor might (should) have a silver heatshield around it, so it might blend in with the surroundings.


I just did the VSS on wife's '96 Taurus. A much easier way is to remove the air tube from the aircleaner to the throttle body, disconnect the charge air temp and the MAF sensor and set it out of the way. Put the transmission in the lowest position to move the trans lever out of the way. It is a straight shot from the drivers side. Pull the sensor up from the right side to make it easier to disconnect.

And when you replace a sensor it sometimes helps to disconnect the battery to zero-out the ECM and allow the ECM to learn the new sensor.


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As far as I know , the Ford Taurus has always had some form of V6 engine Unless you had a Taurus SHO , some years had a small V8 engine

On a 2002 Ford Taurus : You could have the gear shift lever up by the steering wheel or by the floor console for your automatic transmission And , if you mean the automatic transaxle ( transmission ) fluid level dipstick , it is near the firewall between the engine and the brake fluid reservoir in the engine compartment

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According to a drawing I was looking at in the 2009 Ford Taurus Owner Guide : It shows the automatic transmission fluid level dipstick as being between the engine air filter housing and the engine , towards the FRONT of the engine compartment ( definately not where I would be looking )

This requires engine and trans holding fixtures and a lift. Take it to a garage.

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If it has a pointer device and window on top of the steering wheel columm that has the letters P-R-D-2-1 or such it will have an automatic transmission

Yes , on a 1996 Ford Taurus , the automatic transaxle ( transmission ) dipstick is near the firewall , where the transaxle is bolted to the rear of the engine , towards the drivers side of the vehicle

You have to pull the engine or transmission. The Flex plate is at the back of the engine on an automatic transmission. 6-8 bolts hold the plate to the engine, and four bolts hold the plate to the tranny.

It's on the top of the transaxle casing midway between engine and firewall, on driver side. You will see the trans cable coming to join it from the firewall.

wich one radiator, engine or transmission (manual or automatic)... wich one radiator, engine or transmission (manual or automatic)...

you can remove the engine from the top by leaving transmission still in car

It will fit in the same year Taurus and Sable, nothing else.

The 2014 Ford Taurus is the latest in the Taurus line. The standard model is equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine, 6 speed automatic transmission and Front-wheel drive. The SE offers 19 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway.

You are better taking off the engine with the transmission together, I have a 93' Vigor and changed the transmission and it pretty hard, there many bolts that are hard to get; if you need to changed your engine, it will be much easier taking the transmission off while the engine is off the vehicle..

The question is if the transmission is a standard or an automatic, if it is a standard then the transmission is located directly behind the bell housing which is bolted onto the rear of the engine, if it is an automatic then the transmission is bolted directly to the rear of the engine

In a 2001 Ford Taurus : The transaxle ( the transmission in a front wheel drive vehicle ) is located in the engine compartment bolted to the engine

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