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I had a '91 Chevy Caprice witht he 350 motor in it so the precedure should be the same for your car.First diconnect the positive battery terminal from the battery.Second jack the front of the vehicle up and support it securely on jackstands,make sure you push on the vehicle a few times to make sure it is secure on the stands.Now get under the vehicle on the passenger side and locate the starter,should be near where the motor and trans are connected.Now disconnect the wires going to the starter marking them to make reinstallation easier.Next remove the two bolts holding the starter in place,making sure you support the starter before you remove the last bolt so it doesn't fall on you.Now remove the starter from the vehicle.(Just a side note,if you take it to most auto parts stores such as Advance Auto Parts they will test it for free and tell you if it is bad or not.)Installation is the reverse of removal. .

There should also be a cross member that you have to remove before your starter will come free. There are three bolts holding it to the car frame.

92 CHEVY CAPRICE Starter removal For SINGLE Exaust it's not like a truck, or Duel Exaust where you can just loosen two bolts and drop it .The Exaust "Y"s together on the passenger side of the vehicle, right below the starter .You can't really drop the down pipe from the flange because it's fragile and usually very rusty . you have to take off the bracket on the frame next to the down pipe , and wiggle it out that way.

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Q: How do you replace the starter in a '92 Chevy Caprice?
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