How do you replace the starter in a 1993 Nissan Sentra?

The starter is located pretty much right below the air intake hoses. if you take those out, you can get a 14mm socket to where the two bolts are. One of them is easy to see the other one is impossible to see from the top but you can feel around and find it without too much difficulty. An idiot proof way to find the starter is to follow the ground wire from the negative side of the battery to the starter. it grounds on one of the bolts that holds the starter in. This is not a very complicated procedure and requires NO jacking up of the car.

I found that jacking up the car (or driving onto a ramp) made the job much easier in the long run. The starter is tucked up under the intake manifold. It is held on by two 14mm bolts. One is accessed best from under the car. I recommend removing the "A" shaped intake manifold brace. It is held in by three 12mm bolts. With that out of the way, access to the bottom bolt is much easier and the starter will have room to slide out. The other bolt is easily reached from on top of the engine. It is the same bolt that the battery ground is attached to. You also have to remove the main power cable from the end of the solenoid and there is a clip on electrical connection on the starter bracket. I found that a swivel adapter and a long extension made getting at the lower bolt much easier. One hour to get it out and less than an hour to get it back in.