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How do you replace the starter in a 1998 Dodge Intrepid?


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Make sure the engine is cool.

> If you need to work on the starter from beneath, roll the vehicle onto ramps or jack up the front end and lower it onto jackstands. Observe all recommended safety precautions and make doubly sure the rear wheels are blocked.

> Check that the ignition key is in the OFF position.

> Loosen the negative battery-cable bolt and remove the cable from the terminal with a terminal puller.

> Detach the battery/starter cable from the solenoid or starter.

> If working with a starter-mounted solenoid, remove any additional wires, noting their respective positions.

> Usually two or three bolts attach the starter horizontally through the mounting flange. General Motors vehicles use vertical bolts, and you may find shims between the starter block and the engine. If this is the case, don't lose them (or it)�you'll need it (or them) to mount the new starter.

> If there is a support bracket on the front of the starter, remove it.

> Drop the starter out of the car. This can be a chore. You might have to turn the wheels, or, on some Fords, disconnect an idler arm. Oil pressure sending units, transmission oil cooler lines or brackets, the ground strap, the exhaust pipe, a crossmember, or the housing cover for the flywheel may have to be loosened or removed to provide adequate clearance.

> Mount the new starter, reversing the procedure used to remove the old one. You GM do-it-yourselfers have no doubt reinstalled the original shim(s), and have done a fine job of doing so, but if there is any extra engine noise or starter whine when you crank it up, shim adjustment may be called for. A starter noise when you crank the engine means you need to either remove one full-length shim or add one short shim to the outboard pad. A high-pitched whine after the engine is running calls for adding full-length shims one at a time (but no more than four) until the whine disappears.

> Re-hook the battery/starter cable, along with the additional wires that may be present in starter-mounted solenoid situations. care of:


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on a 1998 intrepid it is located on the driver's side near the wheel, it is stuck between the engine block and the catalytic converter. It is a pain to replace. you might try looking there. also, your hot cable from the battery always hooks up to the starter so you might also try following it.

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