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How do you replace the tail light assembly on a Nissan Frontier?


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2015-07-15 19:58:43
2015-07-15 19:58:43

Go to the in side of the bed and the are two screws and the it pop off


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how can i replace a brakelight bulb on a 2002 nissan frontier?

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I believe you have to unscrew a couple bolts on the inside of the truck bed to get the taillight assembly off the truck then you can unscrew the light sockets and replace the burnt out bulb

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To change the fog light on a Nissan Frontier you will need to remove the screws which hold the light assembly in place. These screws may be located under the hood or off to the side of the light on the front of the vehicle. Unclip the plastic relay holding the light in place. Clip the plastic relay into the new fog light and reposition the light in place. Secure the light assembly in with the screws.

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Take out the two screws and replace one or both of the lamps.

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