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How do you replace the tail light bulb located on a 2000 Toyota Celica?


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September 12, 2007 4:47AM

Mine is a 1993 Celica, but I think 1990 is the same. Open the hatchback. On top of the brake light assembly you will see a small square tab. Pop that tab out with a flathead screwdriver. Under the tab you will see a screw. Remove the screw. Now for the delicate part. At the front of the brake light assembly (on the side of the car) you will notice that the first panel is not a light, but is instead an air vent. It is clipped in. The front (round) edge has two tongues to hold it in. The rear (flat) edge has the clip. VERY CAREFULLY lever the rear (flat edge) out. If you aren't careful you will break one of the vents like I did the first time. Once the clip has popped out you can slide the tongues out and the whole vent comes out. Behind the vent you will find two screws. Remove them. The tail light assembly can now be removed. The bulbs can be removed from the rear with a quarter turn. There you go. Paul.