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How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 360 magnum 5.9L?


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2015-07-16 18:08:56
2015-07-16 18:08:56

U UNbolt the Outlet---- (Gooseneck) where the Upper radiator hose connects 2 the Engine-- Clean the Gasket-or O-ring surface B 4 U install the NEW Thermostat-BE SURE 2 INSTALL the Thermostat the CORRECT way B cause some can B installed backwards & U will Toast the ENGINE due 2 OVERHEATING.

I'd like to add that drilling a couple of SMALL holes (1/8" or 3/32") on the flat part of the thermostat (near where the valve will seat while closed) will allow air bubbles (which would otherwise be trapped inside the engine block when the thermostat is closed) to harmlessly flow into the radiator. This is helpful when re-filling the radiator tank.

You will need to drain the antifreeze out of the radiator below the thermostat housing before you remove the thermostat housing or you will have antifreeze going everywhere.


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It is at the end of the lower radiator hose on the motor. You will have to empty the radiator and remove the housing to replace it.

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Under the housing where the upper radiator hose hooks to the engine.

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located at the end of the upper radiator hose. remove two bolts, replace with new parts remember to replace the gasket.

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The thermostat is located on the top of the engine, where the top radiator hose is connected. The hose has to be disconnected, and the inlet on the engine is removed, with the thermostat underneath.

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You can find the 1991 Dodge Shadow thermostat in the thermostat housing. The thermostat housing will be on the front of the engine.

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