How do you replace the thermostat located on a GMC Jimmy 4.3L?


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2015-07-15 18:57:29
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I have a 1996 Jimmy, so my answer is based on that. Plan about an hour for the thermostat, and another hour for a cooling system flush, if you decide to do that part. You'll need the following: 1) Thermostat 2) Dex coolant 3) A closed container for holding drained coolant 4) Cooling system flush 5) RTV sealant...maybe (keep it pn hand just in case 5) 3/8" drive 10mm and 12mm deep socket,and a 3/8" ratchet 6) extension bar 7) 10mm open ended wrench 8) 1/2" deep socket (I may have this size wrong) 9) Good music (optional)

I will assume you know the location of everything.

- Take the air intake cover off. - Remove the two brackets which hold the throttle wires. - Remove the two bolts securing the thermostat housing. - Lift the housing and move out of the way. - Remove the thermostat. Sometimes they need a little encouragement. If it remains in place, remove the rubber gasket from the engine. Be carefull not to mar the metal, or get any gasket material in the opening to the cooling system. Stuff a rag into the opening if need be. - Put the new thermostat in and reattach the housing. You need to torque the bolts down with 18 ft. lbs. of pressure. You can borrow a torque wrench at most auto stores for free or cheap. - put everything back together. - Flush cooling system, if you want. - Refill cooling system with extended life Dex coolant. *DO NOT ADD WATER* - Run the engine for a while to be sure it all worked out okay.

I PROBABLY MISSED A STEP OR THREE! Get a good manual (I use Haynes) and read it thoroughly before starting a project like this. It will be well worth the me.


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Don't know what year you have but some sensors are temperature sensitive and you should run a 195 degree thermostat.

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remove the intake hose and the exhaust port screwed into the egr valve, the remove the two retaining bolts from the intake and clean any old gasket material away. if possible run a piece of wire down the hole to make certain the passage is clear of carbon build up

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It should be on the front of the intake manifold directly above and behind the water pump.

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There is one before and one after the catalytic converter.

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