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Just did one last week on my 95 Lumina.It is not for the faint hearted! If you follow the upper radiator hose back to the block you will find the thermostat housing. It is held in place by two bolts. The one is difficult to remove ........the other is very difficult! Remove the hose clamp and upper hose and do your mormal drain down of the radiator. The petcock is on the driver side of radiator.The housing is very tight to the exhaust crossover pipe but you CAN remove the housing without removing the pipe if you are patient. To reinstall you will probably have to loosen the fuel injection box which is right above the housing. I also removed the air filter lid and intake hose. Hope this is helpful........... good luck and be patient!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-20 02:15:11
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Q: How do you replace the thermostat on a 1996 Lumina with the 3100 motor?
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Behind the dang motor

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i wnt to know how to dis-assemble a transmission in a 1996 chevy lumina

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it doesn't have one

How do you find and replace the thermostat on a 1996 Chevy Lumina 3.1 engine?

Its located under the throttle body or follow the upper radiator hose til it hits a semi round housing. There is 2 bolts to remove it. First you have to drain the radiator fluid of course. I am changing the thermostat right now on my 2001 Chevy lumina and I see I will have to also remove the throttle body to get to the thermostat housing

How do you replace 1996 Chevy lumina egr valve?

remove the 2 bolts andharness

How do you replace the thermostat on a 4 cylinder 1996 ford ranger?

follow the top radiator hose to locate the thermostat housing, remove the hose from the housing then unbolt the housing. remove and replace the thermostat and rebolt the housing to the motor, replace the hose The housing is made of cheap metal and should be replaced. It is important to "seat" the thermostat properly. Also, it is much easier to replace and remove the thermostat housing if you first remove the timing belt housing.

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Take off the thermostat housing which is located right where the top radiator hose clamps to the motor. thermostat will come right out. be sure to install the new one in the same way you take the old one out.

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place the thermostat with the pointed facing out-ward away for the motor.

1996 BMW 328i Should you replace the thermostat housing when you replace the thermostat or just the existing housing gasket?

Unless the housing is damaged, there is no reason to replace it. Just replace the gasket.

Heater does not blow hot air in 1996 Cavalier?

replace anti-freeze, replace thermostat

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