How do you replace the timing belt on a 1995 Mercury Tracer?

Safety first. Disconnect neg battery cable. Remove serpentine belt. You will have to disconnect the upper motor mount on left side of engine and swing upwards. Push engine away from mount to gain access to the timing belt cover(black cover). 2 nuts should be removed to remove the cover. loosen the nut/bolt for the tensioner, careful, its spring loaded. Remove the belt. Jack up the right front of car and remove the wheel. There are 2 plastic wheel-well covers to remove. Under here you will see the crankshaft pulley. It will have a timing mark on it. Be sure it is lined up with the adjacent making on the engine housing. Next, there should be a timing mark on the cam (top pulley sepentine belt was on). Line up these marks also. Being careful, install belt on pulleys. Be sure to have spring loaded tensioner pulled back so when you let it go it will tighten belt. Also be ever so careful so that the 2 pulleys the timing belt go on do not move during belt installation. When belt is on and tight, tighten tension wheel nut/bolt. Reinstall all other parts in reverse order.