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If it's the V6 (can't answer for the 4), it's not easy, a lot of the engine accessory area has to be disassembled for this and valve cover removed (requiring new valve gaskets which are probably leaking anyhow), etc. Anything regarding timing belt (or water pump), and front wheel bearings, I consider "non-user serviceable", it's something for Mazda or a reputable Mazda certified repair department to handle. For the timing belt, simply go to Mazda, tell them you need your 60,000 mile (or equivalent multiple) service performed, get your wallet out to the tune of $840 or so USA dollars, and have alternate transport for a couple of days. This will get a lot of stuff cleaned and checked up, if you buy the parts separately, including replacement gaskets (valve cover (front required, both should be done though since you are in there), timing cover gasket, etc, you'll end up spending more for the parts than Mazda does for the overhaul, trust me on that.

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Q: How do you replace the timing belt on a 92 Mazda MX3?
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How do you set timing on a 1995 Mazda MX3?

This is done the same as the 1995 Mazda MX6. The answer is posted.

How do you replace fan belt on 1994 Mazda mx3?

well...there is no fan belt on any model of mx3, its using an electrical fan, and if you have A/C it has a second electrical fan just beside it. If its not working, it could be the relay, the motor, or the coolant sensor

How to replace a fuel filter on the 1994 Mazda mx3?

its on the fire wall

When to change the timing belt on a Mazda mx3?

The timing belt on the b6 & k8 motors should be changed every 60-80k miles depending on the wear of the belt. You can check the wear yourself by removing the valve cover on the b6 model where as the k8 is somewhat more difficult and will require removing the timing cover. If there are any nicks, frays, or cracks the belt should be replaced.

How do you loosen the alternator belt on a Mazda Mx3?

On a Mazda MX-3 (1994) you need to tighten the adjustment bolt that is close to the fire wall. Tightening the bolt loosen the belt - loosening the bolt tightens the belt

How much would it cost to replace a timing belt on a Precidia?

it cost me $600 (Canadian dollars) at a mechanic for my v6 mx3. the engine is an interference design so the valves will be mashed by the pistons if the timing belt breaks so it's worth doing if you want the car for a while.

How do you change the serpentine belt on a 1995 Mazda mx3?

on the alternator on top is a bolt losen that bolt and it will allow you to move alternator causing belt to losin

Head gasket bolt torque specs for a Mazda mx3?

What are the head bolt torque specs for a mazda mx3 1600

When was the Mazda MX3 first produced?

The Mazda MX3 was first produced in 1991. It was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 1991. The MX3 was produced until 1998, when production was halted.

Will a 1994 Mazda mx3 dash fit in a 1992 Mazda mx3?

yes, you will have to remove all the plastics from the 94 and put them into the 92, as well as the wiring.

Mazda mx3 v6 clutch problem?

Keep It Simple Stupid. Take it to a mechanic and replace clutch cause any clutch problem means you need to replace it!

How do you set timing on Mazda mx3 1.6?

you have to bypass the ecu by bridging a wire in the diagnostics box from the ten port to the ground port then you can turn the distributer and with a timing light set it to 10 before tdc

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