How do you replace the transmission speed sensor on 2000 ford contour?

I just replaced the TSS (sometimes called the Transmission Speed Sensor or Turbine Speed Sensor) on my 1999 Ford Contour... perhaps it is similar to your 2000 Contour. I removed the driver's side front wheel and the TSS was clearly visible on the side of the automatic transaxle. I broke the sensor trying to pull it out (it was corroded in place) and wound up drilling out the plastic around the magnetic core. What I would do is, after removing the 2-pin connector and retaining bolt, I would tap the sensor to try to get it to rotate a bit and free it up, then I would try to wedge a small screwdriver under the sensor and pry up as I rotated the sensor. This or similar procedure should get it out. I was only able to find the replacement sensor at O'Reilly's in my area and it was around $75. All other parts houses kept trying to sell me a VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) and didn't even show the TSS. Of course, Ford would have the part for considerably more $.