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Get a manual on your car from the parts store or from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM.

getting a manual is always good but if your going to do it your self and do it right you going to have to block the moter pull the driver side moter mount and alt.and just aobut ever thing on that side and if you do it by the book you have to pull the timing belt but there is away around it if your good enuff book says about 2-3 hr but if you do it your self you will spend more then that any questions ask done it a few times

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How do you replace the water pump on a 1994 Ford Probe?

Refer to this: http://home.comcast.net/~mmunoz70/z/leskatimingbelt.doc

How do you winterize irrigation system?

Drain the water and put antifreeze in the pipes

How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Ford Probe 2.0L?

Replacing the water pump is an extremely difficult task. I would recommend buying a new vehicle, and selling me the old one.

How do you fill the Model G6A-8E after draining it for the winter?

When you de-winterize your unit, simply turn the isolation valve to allow water to flow to the unit. When you connect a water source, or fill the water tank, and turn on the water pump, the water heater tank will autimatically fll with water; however, do not turn on the water heater until there is water in the tank. They are costly to replace.

How do you winterize a in-ground salt water swimming pool?

Go to the link below for the info you require.

How do tou winterize a 1998 kawasaki 900 stx jet ski?

get all the water out and put stabil in fuel

How do you winterize a hand pitcher pump?

To winterize a pitcher pump it is necessary to drain it. This can be done by raising the handle on pumps with that design. If your pump isn't designed with a draining feature, simply "break" the seal between the pump and the pipe, and the water will drain down to the level of the ground water and empty the pump.

What space probe discovered evidence of water at the moons south pole?

the u.s space probe clementinelater another space probe confirmed that frozen ice exists on the moon

1994 Ford Probe squeals when started?

I Have 94 Probe 4 cylinder that squealed when I started it. the pully on the water pump was lose

What is an ultrasound probe?

a under water speaker that emits ultrasound

Why do you dip the pH probe into distilled water between each test?

The purpose is to clean the probe and to avoid contamination of samples.

Will you need to open your sand filter and add water after winterizing?

Your question makes no sense, to winterize means in this case to remove all water to keep the plastic parts from cracking.

Was water really discovered on Mars?

yes a probe broke a wheel and discovered water on the poles

How can you tell if a water snake is a boy or a girl?

Take it to your vet and have them probe it.

Replace water pump on a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo?

replace water pump on a 1994 rodeo replace water pump on a 1994 rodeo replace water pump on a 1994 rodeo replace water pump on a 1994 rodeo 6 cylinder

How do you winterize the sprinkler system?

Attach an air compressor line to the main water supply line or junction point and open or remove all of the sprinkler heads. Then blow air through the lines until all of the water comes out and replace the heads. You can also put a small amount of plumbing antifreeze in the lowest point in the system to prevent any residual water from collecting and bursting the pipes.

How do i replace 1990 ford probe 5 speed water pump?

the water pump in a 2.0 engine is located behind the timing belt cover. the timing belt needs to be removed to be able to remove the pump. there are detailed instructions at www.autozone.com. they put their repair manuals on their site.

How do you replace a water pump on 2001 Grand prix?

How do you replace a water pump on 2001 Grand prix?" How do you replace a water pump on 2001 Grand prix?"

How do you replace a water pipe?

Personally I replace water pipe after I shut of the supply valve

Will a water pump off a 91 Ford Escort fit on a 91 ford probe?

probably not being that the engine in the escort was manufactured by ford and 2 liter in the probe was manufactured by Mazda

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