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How do you replace the water pump on 2000 Chevrolet S10 with 2.2 liter motor?



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First of all, drain coolant from the radiator.(Drain cock on bottom right side of radiator). Then remove the upper radiator hose from radiator. Doing this will help removing the plastic intake from intake plenum and air filter. After removing that, remove upper radiator shroud. (This is fairly easy, 7 screws,10mm socket.) Next remove the serpentine belt. Note: The serpentine belt should be marked as to what side belt went on due to the fact that they develop a memory in them and putting them on the wrong way reduces the life of the belt. Next remove the pulley (3 bolts 13mm socket), and now the water pump is in view. Remove the 4 retaining bolts using a 13mm socket.remove water pump and gasket. Reassemble in reverse order.