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1.drain radiator,(open radiator plug), remove aircleaner unit and disconnect all vacuum hoses that go with it (remember where they came from).

2. remove the top radiator hose.(loosen the 4 water pump pulley bolts do not remove them just yet as it is easier to do this with the belts still on)

3. loosen alternator and remove belt, loosen power stearing unit and remove belt also you will have to remove the bracket above the water pump that is the power stearing unit belt tensioning bracket.

4. prop up the right side of the engine on the oilpan lip (use soft wood)with a jack under it (oil pan lip is where the pan bolts onto the block from under neath).

5.remove the right hand engine mounting bolt and jack up the engine on the right side by approx 4 inches.

6.remove the 4 bolts that hold the water pump pulley and loosen the pulley off (you need do this to be able to remove the timing belt cover).

7 the timing belt cover on this model is split in half you only need to remove the rear half there are about 5 bolts you will need a 10mm socket for this.follow the timing belt cover and remove the necessary bolts.

8 remove the timing bbelt cover.. now you can see all the bolts for the water pump removal.. there should be 2x 10mm bolts and 1x12mm bolt behind the belt, and 3x10mm bolt and 2x12mm bolts around the rest of the pump. as you have already jacked the engine the pump should be easy to remove.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1986 Toyota Corolla?
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