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Just did this on a 1988 Crown Victoria with the 5.0 engine. The following is the main steps I remember that was performed: After draining the antifreeze and removing the radiator fan and drive, and the belts; the A/C comp., air pump, alternator, and power steering pump brackets all have to be unfastened (the nuts) from the "double bolts" that hold the water pump on. All can be set aside without disconnecting lines. Keep track of how everyyhing comes off even if you have to make a rough sketch. Then you are down to taking the bolts out that hold the pump, the "double bolts" require a deep 5/8" socket. There is also at least a couple of bolts that are not "double bolts". Keep track of the position of each bolt because they are different lengths. Soak all the nuts and bolts with penetrant and be careful to avoid breaking any off. You will be in trouble if you do, because you will have to take the casting off between the pump and the engine block to drill them out unless enough shows to get one of those jaw type stud removers on it and even then it may break off flush with the block. In my experience this was "the mother of all" water pumps to replace (or at least among the top three). Be prepared for an all day job.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1988 Ford Crown Victoria?
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