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How do you replace the water pump on a 1989 Ford Tempo 4 cylinder automatic?


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I had mine recently replaced. the best thing i can tell you is its located on the passenger side directly on the side of the engine its a very small unit with if i remember correctly 3 bolts. Youll have to work from under the car. water pumps are very cheap ( $22) it took my mechanic about 1 hour to put it on. Make sure you go ahead n replace the thermostat, hoses, anything cheap related to the cooling should be changed all at once. I learned the hard way.


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My guess is a leaking clutch master cylinder. Does this have a Manual or automatic transmission. B Clear. I've seen this plenty of times. either the chutch master, the speedo cable, or the heater core. is this a sweet smelling fluid? can you touch the fluid and rinse it off with water? if so it is a coolant leak, if oil is still there, it is oil from the trans, either manual or automatic. if it is clear and becomes cloudy when applying water it is probably brake fliud from the clutch master cylinder, replace it. if it is red, it probably is from the cable on an automatic transmission, replace the cable. if it is red or green and washes off with water it is probably your heater core, good luck with replacing this unit.

The water pump does not have a specified life span. The time to replace it is when it is leaking or noisy.

it looks like a water pump that a 1993 ford tempo has.

No, you do not need. Just remove all bolts and pull it out. Make sure that you replace the water pump gasket.

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If it had a cam belt I would recommend you change it at the same time as the cam belt. However the 4 cylinder 2003 has a cam chain, so no maintenance is required. Replace the water pump when it fails or starts leaking. Or as preventive maintenance you can just replace it at 100,000 miles. Your choice.

You need to remove the timing belt before you even will able to access it. Thus, use the procedure how to change the timing belt, but without changing part. Replace the water pump, make sure that you replace the water pump gasket too.

the water pump is Timing Chain driven behind the engine . Just follow the bottom coolant hose to the back of the engine and that's where u will find the thermostat housing as well. The front engine cover and timing chain has to come off to replace the water pump. talk about a messed up design ....... u can mail me back at :

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No, the pump does not have to be removed. Easily replaced in 1 hour. Replace the coolant and flush the cooling system when doing this.

When you change the water pump on 2003 Chrysler Sebring six cylinder, you first need to purchase the correct replacement pump. You will need the right tools including wrenches to remove the old pump that is located on the cylinder block in the engine.

You have to take the timing belt off it is located behind it

The water pump on a 97 Chevy Malibu 4 cylinder is replaced by removing the engine accessories, drive belt, and radiator hoses. The pump can then be unbolted, removed, and a new pump installed.

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