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How do you replace the water pump on a 1990 Chevy Lumina?


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The water pump is located on the right side of the engine. This is facing the car from the front. Remove the three bolts that connect the belt guard. They will need a 10mm socket or wrench. Next, remove the belt. You can do this by reaching down under to the belt tension pully and lifting it up with a wrench. This will make the belt loose enough for you to remove it. Usually as in my case the belt was broken anyway. If so you can skip this step, but remember it when replacing the belt. Next hold the water pump pulley with a block of wood or something that will keep it from turning. Remove the four bolts that hold the pulley on and take the pulley off. Next you must remove the 5 bolts that hold the water pump on. You will need a 8mm socket or wrench to do this. After the bolts are removed you must pry the pump loose with a screwdriver or bar. The pump will come off. You must clean the old gasket material off the housing. Now you are ready to install the new pump. Just do things in the reverse order and you will be done. Replace the belt and check for leaks, add antifreeze in needed. See how easy it was. Saved yourself a few dollars also. Tigger


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No need to drain rad You dont even need to remove the lower rad hose just remove the four bolt on the water pump pully 10mill wrench then the pully should come off after that there are 5 8mill bolt that attach the pump to the housing easy as that by the way you need to left up the idler pully to get the belt off it swings up See "How to change water pump on 1990 Lumina". 98 lumina water pump is it the same

If your 1990 Lumina has gas in the oil pan, then there could be a stuck injector flooding the engine. There can also be a blown head gasket. Driving the vehicle can destroy the engine.

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I recently had a 1990 Chevy lumina apv 3.1L engine put into my 1992 Pontiac transport, if that answers your question.

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