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It is a big job so get a manual from the parts store.

i just did mine the other day, What you want to do go get your water pump and your gasket and blue gasket sealer a big tube not them little packets,remove batter and raidiator overflow, leave the belt on and loosen the 3 bolts on the pulley(which is a pain in the ass, use a screwdriver or another wrench 10mm i think, then remove the belt and remove all the other bolts holding the pump to the engine face, there are alot of them just to warn you, after you remove the pump scrape off where the old gasket was with a putty knife, apply gasket sealer to the gasket and then place on the gasket then the same with the pump, you then have to put the bolts back in and then you have to tighten up the pulley by hand then put belt on then tighten bolts more, although it did look like there was lock tight or something on the pulley bolts i removed i didnt put nothing on i just tightened them as much as i could i have not checked there tightness yet though, if you do this then you may want to check them a day or two after

This is all correct, but some tips: after scraping the block clean, spray with brake cleaner and wipe clean with a rag. Also, dont use that silicone goop. Instead use high tack. Its much cleaner and goes on much neater. I have a more detailed description as an answer to a 92 caddy water pump replacement that will work for all 4.9L Here it is:

  1. Remove the coolant overflow bottle.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Loosen the pulley bolts.
  4. Loosen or remove the drive belt.
  5. Remove pulley bolts
  6. Remove all studs and bolts from old water pump.
  7. Pull old pump off. Use a screwdriver to start it but be careful not to bend the old pump. Also, tapping the center of the pulley lightly with a hammer may help loosen it. If it is hard to get out, check and make sure all bolts are removed. When you remove the pump, there will not be enough room to remove the pulley drum from the pump. This is important to remember when installing the new water pump.
  8. Scrape area off with a gasket scraper and razor blade to remove old gasket. Make sure its clean! Spray it with brake cleaner and wipe clean afterward.
  9. Spray both sides of the new gasket with high tack. High tack works much better than the goop because it is clean, even, and seals well.
  10. Slip gasket in carefully and be sure it fits properly over bolts and is in correct placement against block. Press down to ensure seal.
  11. Spray the inside of the water pump with high tack evenly.
  12. Install water pump into correct place against block making sure that pulley drum is already hanging from new pump or you will not get it on afterward!
  13. Install bolts and studs and tighten down.
  14. Install pulley screws and tighten as best you can.
  15. Reinstall and tighten drive belt.
  16. Finish tightening pulley bolts.
  17. Reinstall battery and coolant overflow bottle being sure that bottle is empty.
  18. Let sealant dry overnight.
  19. Fill system with water next day/morning and run/drive car as normal until you are sure it is not leaking.
  20. If no leaks exist, drain system and fill with proper coolant mixture.
  21. Return old water pump in box for return on core fee.

Ive done this twice on a 92 Sedan DeVille, so just post any questions you have. If your wondering why I did it twice, the part store sold me a bad pump that went out within two months.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1991 Cadillac Deville 4.9L front wheel drive?
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