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There seems to be two parts to the water pump and the fan is what usually goes first. Olds. was smart enough to just male that part to replace only. I was replacing the alternator on my 91 and decided to replace the water pump part I was speaking of. It's cheap and easy to get to. Hope this helps in some way.

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โˆ™ 2006-07-09 02:48:22
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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1991 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo?
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How do you install a water pump in a 1997 Oldsmobile aurora?

remove and replace water pump in 1997 Oldsmobile aurora

Where is the camshaft sensor in a 1991 toronado trofeo 3.8?

Look by water pump. It has 2 covered wires and is to the left of water pump, My have to wash motor a little if grease on it but it IS there. Close the pulley half way down the block held on by 1 bolt I believe it is 10mm

How do you replace the water pump on a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.5L?

lower the engine from the car

How do you install water pump on 95 olds aurora?

is it hard to replace a waterpump out of a oldsmobile aurora 95

How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass?

water pump has some (2) pins into the needs to be pryed stright off.

How much does it cost to replace the water pump in a 1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette Minivan?

We replaced ours and it cost 21.95 for a lifetime water pump.....My husband replaced it by himself...

How do you replace the water pump on a Oldsmobile Cutlass cerria 1991?

maybe this will help,,, i just replaced the water pump,heater core,thermostat,battery,alternater on my Oldsmobile and found this site to be very helpful even has pictures maybe you can find your answer there good luck

How do you replace the water pump on a Oldsmobile?

Remove the serpentine belt then remove the water pump bolts and any attached hoses. It would help to know what year, model, or engine size.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

To change the water pump simply remove the bolts from the waterpump, pull it off and replace with new. The power steering pump will need to be loosened and moved aside to remove one bolt. Clean old gasket from engine block and replace with new gasket and replace with new waterpump.

Where is water pump on 2000 Oldsmobile 4.3?

Oldsmobile didn't make a 4.3 in 2000

How do you replace the water pump on a 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva?

is it hard to change the water pump on a 1992 Oldsmobile achieva. Yes, it is very hard to replace a water pump on an Achieva. When the pump died on my 1996 Achieva, the engine needed to be unbolted and removed to get to it. As I recall, it cost about $500. I have a 95 Olds Achieva 3.1 and the water pump was very easy to change. Mine is on the front passenger side of the engine. Very easy to get to, just be careful not to break any bolts off. lol

Where is the water pump located on a 1994 Oldsmobile Achieva?

2.3L quad 4 is located under the exhaust manifold passenger side. To replace you have to remove the exhaust manifold.

How do you replace water pump-fan belt on 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

Which car replaced the Oldsmobile Achieva?

The Oldsmobile AleroThe vehicle that replaced the Achieva was Oldsmobile Alero (produced from 1999-2004).

Water pump 1991 oldsmobile Calais?

JC Whitney and Parts Geek both carry the water pump for a 1991 Oldsmobile Calais.

Where is the water pump located for a 2001 Oldsmobile alero?

The 2001 Oldsmobile water pump is located on the front of the engine. You can follow the top radiator hose directly to the water pump.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1995 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight 3.8L V6?

remove the window washer and radiator fill bottles by pulling upwards and lay them aside. Remove the serpentine belt. You will see the water pump connected to the large hose going to the radiator. remove and replace.

How do you replace water pump on 2003 Oldsmobile alero 3.4?

first lose the belt the the four ten mm bolt and you move the pully and lose the six 5/16 bolt

How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Oldsmobile Achieva 4 cylinder?

You must remove the exhaust manifold it's easy to do once this is done.also the front timing cover need to be removed because the water pump driven by the chain.

Replace water pump on a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo?

replace water pump on a 1994 rodeo replace water pump on a 1994 rodeo replace water pump on a 1994 rodeo replace water pump on a 1994 rodeo 6 cylinder

Your 1998 Oldsmobile intruge seems to overheat the faster you go?

the water pump ,the radiator or a pluged thermostate will do this is your engine making a squeeking sound if so replace water pump if you blow a head gasket its expensive to fix the water pump should cost under 40 for the part

What might cause stalling on repeat basis in olds toronado trofeo 1992 already tried the fuel system but that's not it. i think its electrical.?

check the basics...replace the fuel filter...any spark plug wires it idling ok? any lights on the dash(check engine is amber and idicates a sensor problem)... you need to follow some basic diagnostic guidelines.. ...everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the local library should have a professional shop manual available, to make copies of, in the Reference section...good luck:) Try== I had the same problem with my 90 Trofeo. I had replaced some sensors that I didn't need to replace because when I would pour water over them it would start. Well come to find out it was a bad water pump and when I changed it out it was to late. Although it did stop stalling. I had blown head gaskets. Do you have any white color in your exhaust? Is there any anitfreeze in your oil? Does yours have the self diagnostic in the dash board? That is how I found my problem I looked up the code. It was too late though...good luck. I hope yours is better than mine.

Is it possible to replace the water pump seals on a 1989 Jeep Wrangler or do you have to replace the entire water pump?

Replace water pump and gasket

Where is 1986 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera water pump at?

It varies by engine.

Where is the water pump in your 94 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera?

On the front of the engine.