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How do you replace the water pump on a 1992 Cadillac Seville?


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Not sure a backyard mechanic can requires a special tool to remove pump from engine. Tool cost 100 according to my mechanic.

YOU NEED TO GET A NEW MECHANIC THAT DOESN'T STEAL AND LIE! Its not hard at all. You remove the battery, the antifreeze reserve tank, the (2) bolts that hold the condensor in place, and then loosen the bolts on the pulley, then serpentine belt by putting a ratchet/breaker bar in the belt tensioner. Then you use a 1/2 socket to take of the pulley. Then you just remove all the bolts. You do need a star bit to remove two of them, but you can get that at any parts store or SEARS for less than $10. Then you scrape all the old gasket off your block and put the new gasket and pump and do it in reverse. (Don't forget that you should drain your antifreeze (drain @ bottom of driver's side of radiator. (You can remove the two bolts on top of the electric fan and slide it over to get more room to get the drain plug- BUT be careful if you don't disconnect the wires to the electric fan. Oh yeah - spend the $200 on the Cadillac OEM pump, I just put a lifetime warranty one from advance on and it leaked out of the shaft the day after i put it on. Good luck


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Any type of SAE certified antifreeze can be used in your 1992 Cadillac Seville. The antifreeze should be rated for -35 degrees to 120 degrees.

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yes there is you have to get it from a cadillac dealer or you can buy an after market one from walmart

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the ignition switch is bad. you have to replace the ignition switch and you will have to have a new key made with it. i just replaced it in my 1992 seville. that will solve your problem.

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Yes, unless there is an access panel above the fuel filter in the trunk or under the back seat.

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