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How do you replace the water pump on a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria 4.6L V8 overhead-cam?


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2011-09-12 21:06:06
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This is a simple process. First you will need to remove the fan. You will need the fan and clutch tool to remove the flange nut of the fan (remember the threads are reversed). once the fan is removed fish it out of the fan shroud. You can now remove th shroud to gain better access.

2) Remove the fan belt. You need to take a 1/2 drive ratchet, place it in the tensioner and turn to loose them belt. Remove belt.

3) Remove the bolts on the fan pulley - Note it is best to loosen the bolts prior to removing the belt.

4) Remove the 4 bolts holding the pump in place. DO NOT PRY OR HIT ON PUMP.

5) take 2 - 6mm bolts and thread them into the holes of the pump and slowly tighten the bolts. This will pump the pump out.

6) The pump is now removed. Clean all surfaces.

7) Take and coat the O-Ring on the water pump with some vasoline grease.

8) Place pump in hole and slightly tap into place.

9) Insert bolts and tighen down evenly.

10) Reverse removal procedure. Install coolant and run. Make sure to check for air bubbles in system.


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Hello, The factory manual says to remove the belt alternetor and radiator then remove the pump and replace with the new one. Then reverse the process.

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I had a garage do mine several years ago and it was $300 cdn, parts, labour and taxes.

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Check or better , change the thermostat.

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