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How do you replace the water pump on a 1992 Ford Tempo 4 cylinder?

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i just replaced one in a 1993 merc topaz 2.3 / auto

1. first remove belt and drain cooling system 2. raise car a couple of feet as pump needs to be removed from bottom on engine compartment 3. make sure you have a 1/4 in drive ratchet and deep sockets , there are only three or four small bolts holding pump to housing and your pump will come with new seal ring for your hardline return pipe. 4. you should be able to see most of the bolts even with a small flashlight with you and once you remove the bolts you can see you'll know what the last one looks like and how much of a pain it is, reach to the top of the pump housing at the back and at the back of the block you'll be able to feel the last bolt head. 5.IMPORTANT: it might be necessary to remove the soft return line in front of you face (can't remember if it's for heater core or return to pump) but if you find you need to remove it do it and let it drain , if u fight with it later you'll get a face full of coolant and you'll be soaked. (just to let you know, i was about to go on my first shooting rampage after i encountered that problem)LOL. 6. if you can prep your new pump the night before and silicone the new gasket to the new pump, you don't want to do it under the car it makes life easier. 7.once the pump is off , swap the pullies ( use some loctite) on the bolts 8.lightly sand the rear housing on the motor , the mating surface for gasket and just put a light skim of silicone on new pump and re-assemble in reverse. 9. you should'nt encounter any problems burping either mine was pretty easy.

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