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How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Buick Park Avenue?


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Most often you do not need to totally remove the right motor mount. GM unfortuneately made one bolt on the water pump that you can't get to w/o messin with the motor mount. THere are actually two bolts that have access holes in the motor mount but in many cases you can get at and remove the one bolt with some clever manuevering and the right tool. Yet that leaves the other booger bolt. Now this is the PO factor....just one bolt you know some idiot designer left to make everybodies life difficult. So here is how you do it step by step. Loosen the bolts on the water pump flywheel then remove the belt. Take a oil-pan length 2x4 and use it in betwen jack and oil pan and jack up engine almost so that steering pump fluid cover on top side almost hits cross bar. Remove the center bolt of the motor mount holding the two halves of the mount together. Remove two bolts and one nut on the engine side mount. Remove 4 bolts (2 on top and two hidden on side) of the bolts holding the mount to the frame. Now take a big 2x4 and wedge it so as to move the engine to the driver side of the compartment. At the same time rotate and move the mount piece on the engine side--rotating about the stud [that the nut came off of]--so as to paritally split apart the two mount halves. You'll see that you can now get at the two hidden bolts. Remove the water pump pulley wheel. There are a bunch of small and little bolts in the water pump...some on bottom side. Remove them and old pump. Scrape off old gasket. Apply new gasket and sealer to new pump and reverse order to install.

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