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How do you replace the water pump on a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.4L?

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Howdy Monte fansThere's not a lot of working room, so make sure you bring all your patience into the shop!First step, disconnect the negative battery cable, take the rad cap off, the reservoir cap off and, if you have one, open the bleeder screw on the thermostat housing 2 or 3 turns.Take out the rad drain plug (located in the lower left corner of the rad) and drain the rad.Next step, remove the plastic coolant recovery tank (screw at the top,nut at the back and plastic pin at the bottom)there's a small belt guard just above the water pump that needs to come off next.There are 4 bolts that hold the water punp pulley on and the next step is to loosen them by wedging a screwdriver between two bolts and working your way around with a wrench. Now you have to take the bolt out of the center of the serpentine belt tensioner and take the tensioner off. Move the belt out of the way and finish taking the bolts out of the water pump pulley.There are 5 bolts that hold the pump on, back them out and the pump will come off with a tap froma soft hammer.IMPORTANT! - 3.4 pumps have a locating mark at the top to align them properly. Make sure the replacement pump has one and that the pump is identical to the one you took off.Clean up the bolt threads, gasket surface and bolt holes, give the engine surface a wipe with acetone and reassemble in the reverse order.Remember to tighten the pump bolts in a circular pattern, a 1/4 turn at a time so the pump doesn't warp.Always use the recommended torque specs, aluminum just loves to bend and warp if ya don't.

2011-09-12 21:06:30
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How do you replace the water pump on a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo?

We need to know which engine you have before a complete answer can be given.

How do you replace the water pump on a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.4L V6?

trade the car off. Its not worth replacing H2O pump!

Cost to replace water pump 2003 Monte Carlo?


Can you repair the water pump for a 1998 Monte Carlo?

No, just replace it.No, just replace it.

How do you remove and replace thermostat on a 1997 Monte Carlo 3100 v6 engine?

Drain the water from your 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo cooling system. Remove the water supply hose. Remove the thermostat housing retaining bolts. The thermostat will lift out. Reverse the process to install the new thermostat.

Why is there water leaking on the passenger side floorboard of your Chevy Monte Carlo?

bad door seals

How do you change thermostat 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Remove the water supply hose from the top of your 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo thermostat housing. Remove the thermostat housing retaining bolts. Lift the old thermostat out. Drop the new thermostat in and reverse the process.

Water leaks in a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo?

its your AC Canister if you want your A/C to work i'd suggest going somehwhere like a Valvoline to have is recycled out

How do you change a water pump 1987 Monte Carlo?

Remove the belt from your 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo water pump. Remove the water pump return hose. Remove the water pump retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new water pump.

Why is my 95 Monte Carlo leaking water from behind the thermostat?

thermostat gasket probably leaking. replace thermostat and gasket making sure that thermostat housing is flat.

Where is the water pump located on a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo V6?

water pump is located right front corner just across from coolant tank.fwd of power steering pump next pulley over.

How do you change water pump on 2006 ss Monte Carlo?

whats the eigine size

Replace water pump for 1986 Chevy Nova?

Replace water pump for an 1986 Chevy Nova?

How many gallons of antifreeze goes into a 11997 Monte Carlo z34?

In a 1997 Monte Carlo Z34 you will require 1 and 3/8 gallons of antifreeze. ?æThis is to be mixed with an equal measurement of distilled water.

Does coolant leak on a 95 Monte Carlo Z34 if the water pump is bad?

Very likely

What are the causes of water in oil on 3.1 v6 98 Monte Carlo?

Blown head gasket.

Is it easy to replace water pump on 06 Monte 3.9L?

No! No!

Where is the water pump in a 2006 v6 Monte Carlo? This is good

Why is there water in floorboard but no windshield leaks on 2000 Monte Carlo?

Your cabin filter seal is missing or out of place.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1990 Chevy Corsica 2.2L?

Where is the Water Pump located and how do you replace it on a 1990 Chevy Corsica?

Where is the thermostat located on a 97 Monte Carlo?

Follow the top radiator hose down to the water outlet on the engine. It is in the water outlet.

How do you install hot water valve in 1971 Monte Carlo?

Not sure what you mean by "hot water valve". More info please.

How do you replace a fan belt for 86 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Loosen the alternator and push the alternator down and pull the belt off, put new belt over crank and water pump pulleys and around alternator pulley and pull up on the alternator to where the belt is tight and tighten the alternator bolts down.

How do you change a water pump in a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo?

pretty simple, but be sure to flush out the radiator, and replace the hoses and thermostat for a complete job...not to mention the belt...also.. You should be able to find a shop manual at your local library with the right info...make copies as they are usually only in the REFERENCE section....good luck:)